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"Keep participants focused and facilitators on time!"

by TheDrewster on October 7, 2009

Pros: Incessant oohs and aahs. Managers are biggest fans. Had an all-day conference, this little app was the hit of the day. Meeting timer to show overall progress to scheduled end time. Topic timer really helped keep presenters to agenda time.

Cons: None. Incredible potential... I wonder what features could be added.

Summary: Everyone in my class full of folks for all-day conference loved this app! Managers were the most impressed and all asked for it. Incredibly useful. I fully expect to become one of the most popular meeting hosts with this little gem.




"Wow! I can now keep my meetings on track."

S. Mood, Denver, Colorado

Thank you. I regularly need to manage status meetings and Meeting Timer allows me to keep my speakers focused on delivering their topics on time. We have gone from finishing up to an hour late to being on time almost every meeting.



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