Privacy Policy:


  We value your privacy. 


1. We will not provide your e-mail address to anyone.

2. Your personal information is not stored on our web server.

3. Our products do not contain any spyware.

Security Policy:


  We value your security. 


1. Our products are checked for viruses before being made available for download.

    - We use the best (and fastest) anti-virus utility: NOD32 (PC Magazine Review)

2. Secure Credit card processing is performed by a professional credit card processing company.

    - We have selected Paypal ( which provides safe, secure payment processing.

    - EXP Systems LLC is a Paypal Verified vendor.


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Discounts Policy:

Non-Profit or Educational Organizations:

    You can obtain registered copies of our PDF reDirect software at the following reduced rates:

  •   PDF reDirect  Freeware 

    • You can use PDF reDirect software for free, with no restrictions.

    • You do not need to contact us to ask for permission.

    • Feel free to drop us an e-mail letting us know how many users you have using PDF reDirect.

    • Our e-mail address is:


  •   PDF reDirect Professional     - as much as 50% discount, per this table:

Discounted Rates

(price is for each license)

No. of Licenses

Normal Rate

Discounted Rate

1 - 19



20 - 49



50 - 99



100 - 249



250 - 499



500 - 999



1,000 - 1,999



2,000 - 3,999



4,000 - 9,999







1. Provide us with a formal statement with answers to the following information:

  • Name of your institution (will be used to generate the license key)

  • Address of your institution.

  • Name and Position of person making request of behalf of the institution.

  • e-mail address of person making request.

  • Number of licenses requested.

  • Eligibility Statement from the person making the request.

    • Example: "I, (Your Name), attest that this is a legitimate request to obtain discounted licenses of the software PDF reDirect Pro on the grounds that this request is on the behalf of the (School Name or Organization) which is an (educational institution or Non-Profit Organization). The software will be used solely by (teachers and students or employees) of (School Name or Organization). We will not re-distribute the license information."

2. Submit your request, by e-mail, to the following address:

3. You will receive the registration instructions by e-mail (if approved)

4. You will receive a special link to purchase the software at the discounted rate.


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