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Quote hiaim Replybullet Topic: replace word one by one
    Posted: 15 Aug 10 at 5:52PM

if a word repeated several times in a word document following macro should ask to change before every occurrence/word. suppose word "facet" has to replace with "subject area" and "facet" is repeated 3 times in a document. it should ask to change at every word. i tried wdReplaceOne as well but it is not working ... any solution , any other way to achieve this ???

Dim a As Integer, myRange As Range
    mySearch = InputBox("Enter string to search for:", "Searchstring", "")
    myReplace = InputBox("Enter string to replace " & mySearch & " with:", "Replacestring", "")
    Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdStory
    With Selection.Find
            .Text = mySearch
            .Replacement.Text = myReplace
            .Forward = True
            .Wrap = wdFindContinue
            .Format = False
            .MatchCase = True
            .MatchWholeWord = True
            .MatchByte = False
            .CorrectHangulEndings = True
            .MatchAllWordForms = False
            .MatchSoundsLike = False
            .MatchWildcards = False
            .MatchFuzzy = False
    End With
' Selection.Find.Execute
    Do While Selection.Find.Found = True
   ' If Selection.Find.Found = True Then
        a = MsgBox("Do you want to change?", vbYesNo, "Confirmation")
        If a = 6 Then
            Selection.Find.Execute Replace:=wdReplaceOne
            Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdStory
        End If
    'End If
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Quote Michel_K17 Replybullet Posted: 15 Aug 10 at 10:32PM

   You might have more luck posting in a forum that specifically caters to Word VBA coding. This forum is for PDF reDirect users, so you it is unlikely you will get an answer here.

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC
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