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"Your program is one I can recommend

to anyone without hesitation"

Peter K Simmang, GeorgeTown, Texas

I was recommending PDF reDirect Pro to someone and I thought I would let you know I have thoroughly enjoyed the new version.  The feature we discussed about holding print jobs in the queue works perfectly, and it's a tremendous help when combining multiple outputs to a single PDF.  I also enjoy not having to wait for the program to load each time I send a document to it.  When I'm doing a lot of outputs, such as monthly invoices, I just leave PDF reDirect Pro running and it saves a good bit of time not having to reload several times. I don't have occasion very often to recommend programs, but yours is one I can recommend to anyone without hesitation.


"5 out of 5. What a magnificent tool.

Thank you."

Richard Bernecic, Sydney, Australia


"5 out of 5 - Excellent."

Andy Bowden, Haslingden, UK


"5 out of 5 - Finally, PDF software that's got

a good beat, and is easy to dance to!"

Brad Pike, Lake Havasu City, Arizona



"Still the best PDF utility I have ever found."

R. Bernecic, Seven Hills, Australia


"Easy to use and fast."

T. Partrick, Greensboro, North Carolina


"Your program is Fantastic!"

Eddie Sacks, Gaithersburg, Maryland

"It installed cleanly and was so intuitive that I didn't need to read anything

to be able to use it right from the first time I tried."


"The best PDF writer I have tried."
William Karle, Fisherville, VA


"Powerful and easy: a price worthy

alternative to Acrobat."
L. Svensson, ÷jebyn, SWEDEN


"5 out of 5 - A professional look

at an amazing price!"
M. Perna, Peterborough, UK



"Brilliant Product"
S. Winterscheidt, Wilston, Australia



"Printed a 1,400 page tax return perfectly!"

"Competitor bombed!"

Mark Allen, Cameron Park, California



"This is a Fantastic Program."
S. Peters, Rancho Murieta, CA


"5 / 5. Does exactly what we want, and more."

Control B, London, UK


"Amazingly simple to use - Great stuff!"

H Van den houte, Stabroek, Belgium


"PDF reDirect Pro is MAGNIFICENT!"

I. Patton, Edmonton, Canada


"I've been checking out PDF reDirect Pro

and love it. It's incredibly useful!"

H. Morrin, Ottawa, Canada


"I really like the Pro version.

You really did a good job on it !"

John Gordon, Winter Haven, Florida


"I am *very* impressed with the output. It's fabulous!"

Simon G, Surrey, UK


"The Perfect tool!*"

Richard T. Montrťal, Canada


*for D&D3.5 MultiClass Character Sheet


"PDF Redirect is good, but Pro* is great!

I'm a convert."

Ed Fish, Manchester, UK

*"Easier to use than most conventional printers and

 as effective as other software at a fraction of the price."


"PDF reDirect Pro is an awesome product !"

    Michael and Lori Medvig, Parker, Colorado


"I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

You're the best !" *

Steven Linsk, Beaverton, Oregon

* "Thanks for taking the time to research this and not just blowing me off with

the usual double talk. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. You're the best!"


"5 out of 5 - Unbelievably easy to use."

L. Guerrero. London, UK


 "It works and it's cheap. Thank you."

Russell Bentley, Fort Worth, Texas


"Your quality product is terribly underpriced."

Oral Deckard, Terre Haute, Indiana

Myers Engineering, Inc.


"This program suits our needs just perfectly."

Tomas Nilsson, Stockholm, Sweden



Note: the latest reviews on PDF reDirect are posted on cnet's web site [here]. Here is a sample:


Sweet! Clean download, simple to use and fast!!!

30-Apr-2005 09:31:08 AM

Reviewer: Spuddy

Very fast at converting - worked with all my MS & graphics applications without a hitch (heavy use). This is the fourth PDF generator that I have downloaded and is the only one that hasn't hung or crashed on me. Thanks! I finally rolled over and got the pro version and this has some great added features - its worth paying for.


Highly Recommend; Fast; Easy; Very Efficient; and FREE!
27-Mar-2006 10:38:16 PM
Reviewer: skdoodah
I can't say enough about this great program. I was skeptical at first, but it downloaded quickly and easily. It works fast with no glitches. I'm really hooked. I used to try to print out web pages, with little or no luck; I'd get cut off sentences & photo's; graphics and ads that I didn't want or need; all of those problems are solved with PDF reDirect. I read reviews of the other PDF products. I then read the reviews of PDF reDirect, right here on Download.com and I decided that this sounded like the program that I was looking for; and thanks to your reviews and to the fantastic work of EXP Systems (the creators of PDF reDirect), I downloaded this program, and I love it. I spend hours at my home computer using this product. One could say that I'm addicted to PDF reDirect. This is an answer to my wishes and the end of wasted printer paper, ink and the frustration that comes from trying to download or print web pages. Thanks to everyone for their great reviews; and mostly, THANK YOU EXP SYSTEMS!


One thing is sure: PDF reDirect is the best and simplest.

04-Apr-2005 04:26:00 PM
Reviewer: B. Jean Palmer, Grand Rapids, Michigan
I have tried CutePDF; it didn't work. I also tried PDF Creator. It didn't work either. I couldn't even customize pages using them.


Easy to use

20-Jan-2005 04:29:59 AM

Reviewer: Terry

fast and reliable

Just brilliant - and free!

17-Jan-2005 04:10:00 PM

Reviewer: kazndave

Just converted a complex MS Publisher document and the PDF print result is identical to the original. The PDF is 25% the size of the original. It's simple to set-up and use and it's free!! Excellent product.

Gotta Love It

10-Jan-2005 10:49:59 PM

Reviewer: SWest

I've tried other pdf creation tools, and this is by far the easiest to use. Good results, too. Great for creating pdf documents in a hurry. Gotta love the fact that its totally free, even though it would be worth paying for.

Seemingly perfect results first time...

07-Dec-2004 12:10:01 PM

Reviewer: stephenghowe

...I've tried Open Office and Cute Printer, this beats Open Office substantially in terms of getting formatting right, Cute Printer is relatively useless.

simply and fast

27-Oct-2004 01:50:01 AM

Reviewer: webmaster@nostrosito.it

your pdf printer simply to install and fast to use (without banner, pop-up etc...! )

Works Well with MS Office & Free!

26-Oct-2004 08:10:05 AM

Reviewer: Homini

If you are looking for a low cost (how much lower can you get than FREE?) and reasonably accurate pdf converter, this works. So what if you have to go through a couple of steps? If all you are looking for is a way to get info out in an universal format, try this.


21-Oct-2004 08:30:02 AM

Reviewer: Music Man

Simple, but effective. Works great, and gives good resolution. I print music with it.


13-Oct-2004 09:32:11 AM

Reviewer: PhilC

Installed and up and running within minutes. No complicated options...straight forward, simple and highly effective.


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