Create Standard PDF Files

Create universal, standard, reliable and secure PDF files, recognized by industries and governments around the world. Perfect for sharing information with others.


Easy to Use

Compatible with virtually all Windows programs. Simply select "Print", choose the PDF reDirect virtual printer and your PDF file is created automatically.


Live Preview

Preview of PDF is displayed so you can optimize your settings on the fly.

(Pro version provides an enhanced preview with greater detail)


Optimize Quality and File Size

Optimize your PDF files for your intended audience, from high quality for desktop publishing to creating small web-friendly files.


Merge PDF Files

Combine any PDF files together like a Word report with your Excel Charts into a single PDF by dragging them to the Merge List.


Encrypt your PDF files

Secure your PDF files from prying eyes by using 40 bit password protection.

(Pro version uses a more secure 128 bit encryption).


No Pop-up Advertisements

There are no annoying "pop-up" advertisements that appear while your PDF is being created and there are no watermarks to deface your PDF files.


Set Viewing Style

Decide how the PDF file opens in the user's window. Create a full-screen presentation just like PowerPoint with navigation controls.


Easy Upgrades

Find, download and install upgrades from within PDF reDirect by clicking on the upgrade button in the preferences.


Fast Web View

Create PDF files optimized for faster web loading and viewing.



Convert web links to clickable hyperlinks (some limitations apply: see the instructions [here]).


Batch Printers

Create your very own Batch PDF printers with your favorite settings to automate and speedup your creation of PDF files.


Font Settings

Optimize your font settings to meet the needs of desktop publishing companies, or assure the proper viewing of your PDF files in foreign countries.


E-Mail and FTP Support

E-mail your PDF files straight from PDF reDirect Pro to your recipient. Use the FTP to upload your report directly to your web site.



Apply pre-made or your own customized stamps and watermarks to your PDF Files.



Add any file to your PDF file such as a PowerPoint presentation.


Print your new PDF files to a Real Printer

Built-in printer support allows you to print your PDF files to a real printer without having to open the PDF Reader.


PDF File Locking

Set permissions to lock the PDF file. Prevent your readers from printing or making alterations to your PDF file. Turn off "copy-and-paste" so that your file is protected.



Delete or Rename a PDF file. Create a Folder. Quickly return to a recently accessed folder. Set the PDF's Metadata.


VBA Automation

Use VBA for Word, Excel or Access to create PDF files using your own code.


Page Extraction

Extract pages from existing PDF files to re-use in other documents.


Unprotect PDF Files

You can remove the encryption and/or restrictions imposed on a PDF file to return the PDF to a "normal" PDF state (requires that you provide the Master Password).


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