Creating a PDF File


Step 1

Select "Print" from your application (Word®, Excel®, etc.)

Step 2

In the Print Dialog, Select the PDF reDirect Pro v2 Printer.

Do not choose to "Print to File", this option is to create printer files (.prn), not PDF files (.pdf).



Step 3

Click on the "Print" Button.

This will start PDF reDirect Professional.

Step 4

The main PDF reDirect Professional screen is displayed as shown below.

Note: The filename will be automatically* filled. For example, if you are working on a document called "sales report.doc", the filename suggested will be "sales report.pdf".

*WARNING: this feature may not always work. the name is provided by the program from which you are printing. Some programs only give the name of the application, but not of the file. Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, etc.) work correctly.

Step 5

Save the PDF File

Click on the "Desktop" tab and select the drive and folder where you wish to save your file.

  When you are happy with your selection, click on the button labeled "Save".


Note: Accessing "Mini-Mode" View

By clicking on the "Minimize" button in the Window Bar with the [SHIFT] button pressed at the same time, the window will go into a "mini-mode" view which is as small as possible and always on top of all other windows. This allows you to copy-and-paste text from a different program (such as Outlook Express) and enter it into the Filename box without having to switch between windows. Simply click Maximize to return to the original window size and position.




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