Welcome to PDF reDirect Professional v2, a utility designed to create PDF Files from your applications, and much more!

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Step 1

Download the PDF reDirect Professional v2 Installation Program ("Install PDFR Pro.exe")

Step 2

Locate the Installation Program, and run it by double-clicking the icon.

  • It is required that you close all other programs before trying to install PDF reDirect Pro.

  • If you are upgrading from a previous version of PDF reDirect it is strongly recommended that you reboot before installation to prevent installation errors.

  • Review the Installation FAQ's for additional Server/Citrix/Windows Terminal Services instructions.


Step 3

Click "Next >" at the welcome screen.

Step 4

Review the license agreement.

Click on the "I agree" button if you concur.

Step 5

The installation program will install a new Printer called "PDF reDirect Pro v2" through which you can generate PDF documents by re-directing the printer output to a PDF file.



  • You may experience spurious errors the first time you use PDF reDirect Pro. It is recommended that you reboot your computer after installation to prevent such errors.

  • In testing, the "preview" mode was found not to work, or there was an occasional file access error upon first use. These errors do not re-occur during subsequent use of PDF reDirect Pro.

  • The program will operate in "demo" mode with no restrictions or pop-ups for 90 days from date of installation. Afterwards, PDF reDirect Pro will cease to function  unless you decide to register, or you can switch to the Basic (freeware) version called "PDF reDirect Freeware" via the preferences menu.




Step 1

Navigate to the Control Panel and select "Add or Remove Programs"

Step 2

Locate the "PDF reDirect" entry in the list and select "Remove"

Step 3

Follow the instructions that appear to remove PDF reDirect Professional.


System Requirements


Operating System

Windows® 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP

requires Internet Explorer v5.0 Minimum

Minimum Processor

133MHz for Windows® 95

200MHz for Windows® 98, ME, NT4

300 MHz for Windows® 2000, XP

Minimum Memory

16MB for Windows® 95

64MB for Windows® 98, ME, NT4

128MB for Windows® 2000, XP

PDF Viewing Software

Adobe Reader 7.0 (free download)

Older Versions of Adobe Reader (free download)




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