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Meeting Timer upgraded to v1.6.4

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Topic: Meeting Timer upgraded to v1.6.4
Posted By: Michel_K17
Subject: Meeting Timer upgraded to v1.6.4
Date Posted: 25 Feb 13 at 10:26PM
Meeting Timer v1.6.6 is now available (7 Dec 2013) for download. This version is officially released.

  • Freeware version can be downloaded from [ (597 KB)
  • Professional version can be downloaded from [ (597 KB)
    • Note #1: You can use this installer to upgrade your existing installation. You do not need to remove the old installation.
    • Note #2: The installation program, and all files included have been scanned by a virus checker.

  • You can also download the executable directly from [ (914 KB)

    • This is for the people who want to skip the installation program and simply run Meeting Timer from a USB stick or from a shared network folder.
WHAT's NEW (since v1.6.1)

v1.6.6 (12/7/13)

  • NEW: Added ability to edit the preset buttons to custom values.
  • FIXED: Meeting Timer not showing high DPI screens such as the Microsoft Surface Pro

v1.6.4 (2/24/13)
  • NEW: Added option to "Show Standard Windows Border"
  • NEW: Added option to "Show Count Down Timer in TaskBar" (Win7 and Win8 only)
  • FIXED: Count Down Timer is now green instead of blue to match Windows Standard Colors
  • FIXED: Display freezing for users that have a "Mouse Move" utility to keep PC from going asleep
  • FIXED: Count Up Timer not showing Hours & Minutes past 1 hour (just like Count Down Timer)
  • FIXED: Tasbar Icon appearing when showing the Settings, and then staying displayed.
  • IMPROVED: Updated language files to Unicode so that complex languages and accents are fully supported.

v1.6.3 (7/31/12)

  • NEW: Added Spanish (Espanol) language file
  • IMPROVED: Dropdown Start/End Meeting times do not show unreasonable past times
v1.6.2 (6/4/12)
  • NEW: Added Auto-restart feature to the countdown timer (or after the break is over) - perfect for users of the Pomodoro time management technique.
  • NEW: Added a feature to start the break timer automatically after countdown timer completes.
  • NEW: Holding [SHIFT] key now allows to decrement the timer
    FIXED: inability to edit/create customized language files in Windows 7 (language files now stored in the AppData\Meeting Timer folder)
  • IMPROVED: Combo boxes now Auto-dim when Associated Checkbox is not selected in the settings.
  • IMPROVED: meeting area now says "Wait" when the meeting has not yet started, and shows how long before meeting starts


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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