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Using PDF reDirect
 EXP Systems Forum : PDF reDirect : Using PDF reDirect
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Joined: 07 May 11
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Quote gjwillard Replybullet Topic: BatchPDF and Remote Desktop Problem
    Posted: 07 May 11 at 9:42AM
I use BatchPDF with Excel VBA (2003 & 2010), under Windows (XP & 7).
It works fine, until I access my computer using a remote desktop connection, at which point it gives me an error message that states that "PDF file can't be created" as soon as I log in?
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Quote Michel_K17 Replybullet Posted: 07 May 11 at 12:04PM

   I use Remote Desktop Connection as well, and have not had that problem. Hopefully this means that we will be able to find a solution to the problem.

   You get this error as soon as you login? Is that whether PDF reDirect is running or not?

   One thing you can do is to send me an error log, as follows:

  1. Start PDF reDirect (manually, or through the "Print" command)
  2. Click on the green "Preferences" button
  3. Select "Generate Log Files"
  4. Click "OK" to save your settings
  5. Click on "Exit" to quit out of PDF reDirect
  6. Now login using Remote Desktop Connection. (Click on "OK" if the error occurs again).
  7. Click on the green "Preferences" button
  8. Click on the "View Log File" button
  9. Copy and paste the error log in an e-mail back to me.
  10. You can turn the error logging back OFF.

    Hopefully I can make some sense of what is going on by looking at the log.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC
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Joined: 07 May 11
Posts: 3
Quote gjwillard Replybullet Posted: 07 May 11 at 12:33PM
Hi Michel,
Here's the log you asked for, below.
I just realized that what pops up immediately as I log in (and without PDFRedirect running, that I know of) is PDFRedirect "basic", not the "Pro" version, whether that means anything or not.
If I keep my remote desktop connection open for a while (which I do on Saturdays to monitor what's going on at work when the guys are working in the shop), then that error message pops up again periodically.
In the mean time, thank you for your speedy response and kudos for a great product!
127,102644070,"UI",3,"START LOGGING: 5/7/2011 12:22:02 PM"
127,102644070,"UI",4,"User clicked on checkbox to start Logging"
127,102644070,"UI",5,"GENERATE EVENT: RSIVM"
127,102644201,"UI",6,"---------- RECEIVED EVENT -----------"
127,102644201,"UI",8,"Clear Job List"
127,102650867,"UI",9,"Cancel Button Pressed"
127,102650873,"UI",10,"GENERATE EVENT: EUJCZ"
127,102651001,"UI",11,"   - Cleanup Temp Folder"
127,102651002,"UI",12,"Clean up Temp Files"
127,102651002,"UI",13,"Saving Preferences to file..."
127,102651031,"UI",14,"   - Completed Writing to INI Preferences File"
127,102651131,"UI",15,"Program Completed. Shutting Down."
127,102651131,"UI",16,"STOP LOGGING: 5/7/2011 12:22:09 PM"
127,102734318,"UI",0,"Finished Reading the Preferences file."
127,102734319,"UI",3,"START LOGGING: 5/7/2011 12:23:33 PM"
127,102734319,"UI",4,"Windows Version: 2- 6.1.7601  Service Pack 1"
127,102734319,"UI",5,"CommonAppData Path: C:\ProgramData\PDF reDirect\"
127,102734319,"UI",6,"AppData Path: C:\Users\Gilles\AppData\Roaming\PDF reDirect\"
127,102734319,"UI",7,"Resources Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\PDF reDirect\"
127,102734319,"UI",8,"Temp Path: C:\Users\Gilles\AppData\Roaming\PDF reDirect\Temp\"
127,102734319,"UI",9,"Thumbnails Path: C:\Users\Gilles\AppData\Roaming\PDF reDirect\Temp\Thumbnails\"
127,102734319,"UI",10,"Recover the CommandLine"
127,102734319,"UI",11,"Instance started by user"
127,102734320,"UI",12,"Load Library cbak4exp.dll..."
127,102734320,"UI",14,"Setup Comms on Channel: 433040798"
127,102734320,"UI",15,"Starting Capture using ShellExecute..."
127,102734326,"UI",17,"Loading the language file English.txt"
127,102734349,"UI",18,"Check Registration"
127,102734449,"UI",19,"Registered to:  Gilles Willard"
127,102734449,"UI",20,"Initialize form controls"
127,102734449,"UI",21,"Show Last Settings used"
127,102734450,"UI",22,"Retrieve Version Number from data_v.dat"
127,102734451,"UI",23,"Version: v2.5.2"
127,102734451,"UI",24,"Setup Regular and FTP Controls"
127,102734451,"UI",25,"Load all Stamps"
127,102734460,"UI",26,"Setup Tab"
127,102734461,"UI",27,"Prefs-Last_Tab =  0"
127,102734462,"UI",28,"Received Callback Handle from Capture."
127,102734462,"UI",29,"DocName = "
127,102734463,"UI",30,"Show Proper Mode (Basic or Pro)"
127,102734477,"UI",31,"Setup Nearly Complete - Hide Splash Screen"
127,102734679,"UI",32,"Splash Screen Unloaded"
127,102734694,"UI",33,"Setup Me (visible)"
127,102739153,"UI",34,"   - Loading the Stamp ini data."
127,102739153,"UI",35,"   - Loading APPROVED.ini"
127,102739153,"UI",36,"   - Loading COMPLETED.ini"
127,102739153,"UI",37,"   - Loading CONFIDENTIAL - Yellow URH.ini"
127,102739154,"UI",38,"   - Loading CONFIDENTIAL.ini"
127,102739154,"UI",39,"   - Loading CONFIDENTIAL-Text.ini"
127,102739154,"UI",40,"   - Loading DRAFT - Text.ini"
127,102739154,"UI",41,"   - Loading DRAFT BLUE.ini"
127,102739154,"UI",42,"   - Loading DRAFT_ULH.ini"
127,102739154,"UI",43,"   - Loading E-Mail.ini"
127,102739155,"UI",44,"   - Loading EXP Business Card.ini"
127,102739155,"UI",45,"   - Loading FINAL.ini"
127,102739155,"UI",46,"   - Loading FOR COMMENT.ini"
127,102739155,"UI",47,"   - Loading FOR PUBLIC RELEASE.ini"
127,102739155,"UI",48,"   - Loading INFORMATION_ONLY.ini"
127,102739155,"UI",49,"   - Loading NOT APPROVED.ini"
127,102739156,"UI",50,"   - Loading NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE.ini"
127,102739156,"UI",51,"   - Loading OVERDUE.ini"
127,102739156,"UI",52,"   - Loading Page Number Footer.ini"
127,102739156,"UI",53,"   - Loading PAID IN FULL.ini"
127,102739156,"UI",54,"   - Loading PRELIMINARY RESULTS.ini"
127,102739156,"UI",55,"   - Loading TOP SECRET_Yellow.ini"
127,102739157,"UI",56,"   - Loading VOID.ini"
127,102739157,"UI",57,"   - Loading"
127,102741330,"UI",58,"Show user the log file"
127,102644197,"CA",3,"START LOGGING: 5/7/2011 12:22:03 PM"
127,102644197,"CA",4,"Language = English - Unicode Mode = False"
127,102644199,"CA",5,"An expected Error Occured in Process_Job_List"
127,102644199,"CA",6,"   - DLL Error Number =  2 - The system cannot find the file specified. "
127,102644199,"CA",7,"Return to UI Message = "
127,102644199,"CA",8,"GENERATE EVENT: RSIV"
127,102651003,"CA",9,">>> UI_Msg = Buffer"
127,102651003,"CA",10,"---------- RECEIVED EVENT -----------"
127,102651003,"CA",12,"START: Quit. Start Cleanup..."
127,102651003,"CA",13,"-->Cleanup UniqueID Thumbnails"
127,102651004,"CA",14,"-->Cleanup Thumbnail Cache until less than 50 MB."
127,102651004,"CA",15,"-->Cleanup Thumbnails older than 60 days."
127,102651011,"CA",16,"-->Cache Size is now = 4.4 MB."
127,102651012,"CA",17,"Stopped Process_Job_List. Stop Comms..."
127,102651012,"CA",18,"...Comms Stopped."
127,102651012,"CA",19,"STOP LOGGING: 5/7/2011 12:22:09 PM"
127,102734349,"CA",3,"START LOGGING: 5/7/2011 12:23:33 PM"
127,102734349,"CA",4,"Language = English - Unicode Mode = False"
127,102734350,"CA",5,"Determine User's Temp Folder Location"
127,102734350,"CA",6,"   ...Failed. TestFileWrite (Path is empty)"
127,102734351,"CA",7,"   ...Success. TestFileWrite: C:\Users\Gilles\AppData\Local\Temp\"
127,102734351,"CA",8,"Windows Version: 2- 6.1.7601  Service Pack 1"
127,102734351,"CA",9,"AppData Path: C:\Users\Gilles\AppData\Roaming\PDF reDirect\"
127,102734351,"CA",10,"CommonAppData Path: C:\ProgramData\PDF reDirect\"
127,102734351,"CA",11,"Resources Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\PDF reDirect\"
127,102734351,"CA",12,"Temp Path: C:\Users\Gilles\AppData\Roaming\PDF reDirect\Temp\"
127,102734351,"CA",13,"Thumbnails Path: C:\Users\Gilles\AppData\Roaming\PDF reDirect\Temp\Thumbnails\"
127,102734352,"CA",14,"Temp Path for Unicode Users: C:\Users\Gilles\AppData\Local\Temp\"
127,102734352,"CA",15,"Get Command Line Data."
127,102734352,"CA",16,"-> UniqueID is: 433040798"
127,102734352,"CA",17,"-> Who started me is =  4"
127,102734352,"CA",18,"Load Library C:\Program Files (x86)\PDF reDirect\bin\gsdll32.dll..."
127,102734353,"CA",19,"   ...Success."
127,102734353,"CA",20,"Start GS stdio. Code = 0"
127,102734353,"CA",21,"GS Version (Code = 0)..."
127,102734353,"CA",22," ->Revision=815"
127,102734353,"CA",23," ->RevisionDate=20040922"
127,102734353,"CA",24," ->GS Set Poll returns: 0"
127,102734353,"CA",25,"Load Library C:\Program Files (x86)\PDF reDirect\jpeg4exp.dll..."
127,102734354,"CA",26,"   ...Success."
127,102734365,"CA",27,"Loaded QuickPDF Library v7.18 ( 1 )"
127,102734365,"CA",28,"Load Library C:\Program Files (x86)\PDF reDirect\cbak4exp.dll..."
127,102734365,"CA",29,"   ...Success."
127,102734365,"CA",30,"SendKeys {F16}"
127,102734456,"CA",31,"Acknowledge comms, using channel 433040798"
127,102734467,"CA",32,"Start Process Loop to Process_Job_List"
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Joined: 25 Jan 03
Posts: 1673
Quote Michel_K17 Replybullet Posted: 07 May 11 at 1:03PM
Hi Gilles,

   Thanks for the kudos. Smile

   Looking a the log, there is nothing unusual except for a DLL Error #2 (file not found) - which might be what is generating the error message.

   Please do nothing for now and use PDF reDirect as you normally would, until you get this error message popup again a couple of times (make sure that the error logging is still turned on inside the Preferences).

   When you feel confident that at least two error messages have posted, and been recorded, then please write back with the updated log (or if too large, then e-mail to exp -at- exp-systems -dot- com).

   I want to confirm that this DLL Error is indeed the cause. I have seen it before in one other person's log, but he did not have any error messages. I want to confirm that this is "it" for you. If so, I will send you a special version of the program that will record with more detail what is going on with this error, to try to zero in on where the problem is occuring.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC
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Joined: 07 May 11
Posts: 3
Quote gjwillard Replybullet Posted: 10 May 11 at 4:59PM
I sent that new log file via e-mail as you requested.
Please let me know what you find out.
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