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Large PDF file from MS Word

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Topic: Large PDF file from MS Word
Posted By: sheepshead
Subject: Large PDF file from MS Word
Date Posted: 09 Jun 05 at 10:14AM

I converted a 2 MB Word file into a PDF file and it became 18 MB.  How can I get it smaller?  My colleague used PDF factory on the same file and it came in at 400 KB.


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 09 Jun 05 at 11:39PM

Do you have any pictures in your PDF file. The compression setting for PDF reDirect is set to "good", which is not hugely aggressive at compressing the pictures.

Does you colleague's PDF file look "as good" in terms of the picture quality? (you may need to zoom in to see the difference).

First thing I would do is to activate the "Professional" version (at least temporarily) and try creating the PDF again. In the upper RH corner of the user interface, you can choose to reduce the picture quality to "Low (Small File Size)" to see if that makes a difference.

   If the PDF file is still very large, then there might be something else at play. Does your document have a repeating pattern or repeating pictures in the background?

   Either way, if you can, send me the Word file by e-mail, and I can take a look, and let you know if I find something.

   Best regards,


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 11 Jun 05 at 9:41AM
I received the following reply (by e-mail) today from "sheepshead":

Thank you very much for the advice. I tried the professional version and followed your directions. On the high picture quality high setting, the file size came to 18,700 KB. When I lowered this to the low setting, the file size went down to 296 KB. You are right, the picture quality gets fuzzy when I blow it up, but for email purposes, this is the trade-off.

You have a customer for life!

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