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Topic: ERROR 28
Posted By: Nova
Subject: ERROR 28
Date Posted: 01 Jun 05 at 2:49PM

I have been using PDF ReDirect for several months with no problems on a XP Home SP2 system.

Yesterday the program stopped working and gave the following error message:

"Critical Error at Startup.


Description=Out of Stack Space

DLL Error=0"

I uninstalled and reinstalled (2.14) and receive the same error message.

The message is received regardless from where I try to print (document, web page, application).  No other print jobs are open, pending or in progress; it simply doesn't work.

Any information or deciphering would be appreciated.


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 01 Jun 05 at 10:03PM
Hello Timothy,

   Sorry to hear about the problem.

   The error you are describing is the error message designed to be displayed in the event the program crashes immediately at startup, and before the error logging code is started. This error occured right at the point where the program attempts to display the user interface to the user.

   The error is indicative that the program has run out of "Stack memory". The traditional reasons would be due to excessive recursive calls, an event cascade, excessive use of fixed lengths strings, or too many local variables. This is somewhat surprising as PDF reDirect is a fairly "light" application, especially in terms of the User Interface.

   Before we go any further, I have a few questions that might help in troubleshooting the problem.
  1. How much RAM does your computer have?
  2. Have you tried rebooting? (I have seen some people run their PC's for months on end and were suffering of memory fragmentation.)
  3. Press [CTRL]+[ALT]+[DEL], then click on the "Performance" tab. What does your Page File Usage say (XXX MB)? How high is the value in percentage (like 20% full)? Indeed, it would be best if you could send me a screenshot of that window (see below for mine).
  4. Do you have any other programs acting strangely?
  5. Have you considered "rolling back" Windows XP to a date when it was working OK?
  6. Will PDF reDirect run OK if you try to run it manually (ie by using the Start menu, then Programs, etc.)

   If you could help me with the above information, that would be great!

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