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Release date for Beta version

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Category: PDF reDirect
Forum Name: PDF reDirect Pro Beta
Forum Discription: Beta Download, Comments, & Feature Requests for the future
Printed Date: 20 Jul 24 at 2:42PM

Topic: Release date for Beta version
Posted By: PepaR
Subject: Release date for Beta version
Date Posted: 26 Feb 12 at 4:36AM

it's a long time if last version has been released. Is known any preliminary date for release new version or beta version, please?

Thanks for reply


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 26 Feb 12 at 11:46AM
Hi Pepa,

   Yes, it has been a long time.

   I have been adding more and more features, and more importantly, I am updating some of the background technology - which takes time.

   I am hopeful that I will have something out in a few months.

   Here is a list of where I am now, which at least should re-assure you that work is continuing:

  • NEW: Added Japanese as an installation language
  • NEW: Added option to print a Batch PDF to a physical printer as part of the flow
  • NEW: Batch printer properties settings completely re-written, better organized and with room for future growth.
  • NEW: Added option to specify specific credentials to run under when sharing the printer on the network.
  • NEW: MSI installer now used which allows for managed deployment by IT administrators.
  • NEW: Added ability for Batch Printer to run an external program after the PDF file is created
  • NEW: Added support for SSL encryption for SMTP e-mail engine.
  • IMPROVED: Start menu link to PDF reDirect now says "PDF reDirect Freeware" for clarity
  • IMPROVED: Attachments Panel is now shown automatically in the PDF Reader when attachments are added.
  • IMPROVED: Batch printer INI settings file is now a true settings file with entries rather than a serial datadump.
  • IMPROVED: Added "Exit without saving: are you sure?" question if exiting w/o having saved the updated content of the Merge List.
  • IMPROVED: Printer Driver package is now digitally signed.
  • IMPROVED: Added printer inf & support files (combined 32 and 64 bit) to allow Batch Printers to be shared accross different types of PCs.
  • FIXED: Top alignment of Folders/Files lists controls in the UI
  • FIXED: Proper error given if user tries to create a custom papersize, but the name is already taken by a different printer.
  • FIXED: Help file shortcut not pointing to the right help file (.htm instead of .chm)
  • FIXED: Installer not deleting the old v2.2.8 help files when upgrading to v2.5.x
  • FIXED: Prevent writing to the root of a Win7 "Library" (since these are not folders, but rather a collection of folders). Note: Can still select and save in any folder within a library.
  • FIXED: Background of buttons not correct at corners on Win7 & Vista machines
  • FIXED: Tooltip text for FastWebView Help Button now says "Help" instead of "Donate $2"
  • FIXED: File list not updated after deleting a file.
  • FIXED: Window not remembering it's last size at startup (always centers on screen at startup)
  • FIXED: Added support for small netbook screens as requested by Wouter Blondeel on 5/25/2011
  • FIXED: Splitbutton dropdown menu not hidden when clicking on Dropdown Arrow when menu is displayed.
  • FIXED: Installer tries to remove/re-install shared PDF reDirect printers from remote machines.
  • FIXED: PDF Reader was opening "Maximized" rather then "Normal" when using the checkbox to auto-open a PDF after saving it.


  • NEW: Added built-in language editing and submission tool.
  • NEW: Added output format option for: PDF/A, PDF/X, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPG
  • NEW: Added e-mail error reporting for shared Batch Printers
  • IMPROVED: Upgraded Postscript Driver from v5.2.3790 to v6.1.7601.
  • IMPROVED: Spacing of Characters inType 3 Fonts is now proportional
  • FIXED: Internet Explorer 9 output not converted to PDF properly (text could not be copy/pasted).
  • FIXED: Error when trying to share a Batch Printer accross the network.
  • FIXED: Outlook e-mails problem

  • NEW: Added ability to delete/extract pages in ActiveX Tool
  • NEW: Can reorder the Merge List by using the mouse to Drag/Drop the filesIMPROVED: Complete UI height fix for Preferences
  • NEW: Added Client/Server ActiveX Component capability.FIXED: Transparent image watermark stamp PDF not appearing transparent if a text PDF stamp is also applied.
  • IMPROVED: Error warning during Upgrade Installation when Capture & UI are not updated because they are busy. Looked at delayed upgrade
  • IMPROVED: User can resize the Folders, Files and Merge List panels.FIXED: Filepath error 75 (76?) at startup for some users
  • IMPROVED: User can now choose which SMTP e-mail engine to use.
  • IMPROVED: UAC symbol is now shown properly within the button
  • IMPROVED VBA: Re-add the sample code to merge PDF files together to the VBA files
  • IMPROVED VBA: Update VBA Sample Code and ActiveX
  • IMPROVED VBA: Provide a warning in VBA code if ActiveX DLL is missing
  • IMPROVED VBA: Sample VBA code for stability (thanks Rick)
  • IMPROVED VBA: Sample VBA Code no longer installed in Program Folder for Vista/Win7 Users (since cannot save Office files). User is asked where.
  • IMPROVED VBA: Case Sensitive VBA Load Settings Command
  • IMPROVED VBA: Document properties printed on top of document in Word 2007 when using VBA sample
  • FIXED: Error message now improved and more explicit when trying to delete all the pages (or the last page) out of a PDF.
  • FIXED: Preview not always appearing when a new PDF is created
  • FIXED: "Print to physical printer" not printing to some networked printers.*
  • FIXED: Installer now defaults to give a warning before overwriting an existing PDF file when creating the settings file.
  • FIXED: On Windows 7, was getting an "Error in SaveBatchSettings" when trying to Share a printer over the network


  • TODO: Add "are you sure?" and undo feature when deleting pages from a PDF.
  • TODO: Icons not updating in Files list when changing mode (list to Icons).
  • TODO: Folder navigation of mapped folders is now much faster.
  • TODO: Perpetua Font appears fuzzy.
  • TODO: Add support for custom Temp folder location, to override code.
  • TODO: Could add icons to Merge List to show Word files, Excel, Pictures, PS and PDF files.
  • TODO: Can now use mouse scroll wheel to scroll through pages in preview.
  • TODO: *.pdf filter not working in root folder of Windows 7 >> Libraries >> Documents (need to pay to upgrade folderview component)
  • TODO: Move Color Mode dropdown to a new "advanced settings" section
  • TODO: unicode text in text stamps fail to appear properly
  • TODO: Fix ActiveX Save Settings Code that can write blank Printer Name
  • TODO: PDF reDirect Pro will now tell you which file is preventing a successful merging if one of them is locked.
  • TODO: Convert Capture.exe to an ActiveX component.
  • TODO: a page re-ordering, deleting, "Insert PDF" and "page-by-page" rotation tool
  • TODO: Completely rewrote e-mail engine (now supports unicode printers)
  • TODO: Full size Preview is now optimized (larger) to fit in size of Window
  • TODO: Create Executable to allow pushing Batch Printer settings to a different user.
  • TODO: a "Scale Page to:" option to resize paper.
  • TODO: Allow user to set the PDF spec version (v1.3, v1.4, etc.)
  • TODO: Add localized languages for "Size" And "Date Modified" for the Files Column Headers
  • TODO: PDF reDirect Pro now remembers the last physical printer used when printing PDFs.
  • TODO: Add support for the epub file format (for ebook readers).
  • TODO: Stamplist not deselected when choosing an item in the Mergelist.
  • TODO: Yes/No options not updated in the Batch Printer Preferences right after changing languages.
  • TODO: RHS of big preview cutoff depending on size of view area.
  • TODO: Encrypted only PDF files were appearing as encrypted AND locked in the Preview status for 40bit encryption. Works with both 128bit encryptions.
  • TODO: Added for multiple layer merging
  • TODO: PDF reDirect Pro "built-in" Print utility now properly respect restrictions of PDF to not print if the document is only locked.
  • TODO: Added the possibility for the user to enter the password of an encrypted PDF in order to print it via the "built-in" print utility.
  • TODO: Add a Batch Printer Export/Import feature
  • TODO: Add OCR technology to convert scanned pages into searchable PDF files.

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: PepaR
Date Posted: 28 Feb 12 at 1:02PM
It looks promising, thanks for info Michel.


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 28 Feb 12 at 10:36PM
You bet!

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: Goodwinm
Date Posted: 11 Jul 12 at 7:29AM
Just dropping in to mention this. I realise you wont be addressing Scanner support until release 3.0.

What I'd like to see is a feature like Presto Page Manager Scan buttons - but better.

Like Page Manager . . .
- Users can have one or more "buttons" floating on their desktop.
- Buttons are available without the need to open the Full PDFReDirect application
- each button can be customised for resolution, folder/application destination

Now here where it could be better
- Each button can be fully uconfigured for an icon of users choice - even an icon built by user, etc etc.

I select Button x (my bank logo) to scan as 150dpi Grayscale,auto-straighten & store as pdf in my finance folder

I select Button y (a camera icon) to scan as 300dpi Colour & open in Photshop

hope this helps clarify by "wishes"

good luck with your work

Michael G

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 14 Jul 12 at 11:40AM
Thanks Michael. Good suggestions, enough that it could be a separate application rather than part of PDF reDirect Pro. It's interesting because it leverages the idea of the Batch PDF printers where you can preset your settings.



Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: PepaR
Date Posted: 09 Dec 12 at 3:38AM
Any news about release of new version, please?


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 09 Dec 12 at 10:54PM
Sure! Everything that was "in-work" is now completed. I also expanded the language submission tool to also make it a standalone program (which I will market soon) - but that is now completed.

I also completed a large programming project for a client which took 6 months (I have to pay the bills like everyone else).

Over the last 3 weeks, I evaluated all of my options in terms of programming tools for Windows 8, Android, iPad and OSX. I've been spending quite a bit of time evaluating Delphi XE3 (some disappointments), and their new HTML5 Builder.

Anyway - I am back at work full time with PDF reDirect - so I am expecting to make good progress over the next couple of months.

I am sure this is disappointing news, but I'll get there.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: PepaR
Date Posted: 12 Dec 12 at 10:06PM
Hello Michel,

thanks for quick reply. I understand your reasons, so on other hand, it's a long time when last version has been released.


Posted By: PepaR
Date Posted: 17 Dec 13 at 11:15AM

once a year I try to ask. Any news, please?


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 23 Dec 13 at 6:22AM
Have you tried the new Beta v2.5.4? So far, there are not many issues with it:

You can get it here:

v2.5.5 is almost ready too.

I am also working on a "surprise" which I hope will bring some very good news. :)


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: PepaR
Date Posted: 27 Dec 13 at 4:48PM
Hello Michel,

thanks for news. I'm using beta v2.5.4 until release, so I'm raring for next release. Sorry.


Posted By: PepaR
Date Posted: 05 Apr 15 at 3:04AM
Anything new, please?


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 05 Apr 15 at 10:42PM
Wow. It has been a while! :)

My current version is v2.5.7 and it is nearly ready. I am integrating a new language editing tool, and still fixing a couple of minor bugs. In particular, it is also fully compatible with very high resolutions screens (ie 4K and screens like the Surface Pro).

If you want, you can try it (these are truly beta, and does have a few bugs). In particular, the startup can be slow for large jobs (I found the reason why, and it is easy to fix).

Anyway, you can try the links here:




Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: PepaR
Date Posted: 12 Apr 15 at 1:15AM
Thanks a lot Michel. I will try it.

Do you know some estimated time of release the stable version, please?


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 13 Apr 15 at 4:33AM
Hi PepaR,

No, I do not have a date to share today. I will give an update in one to two weeks which will explain.



Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: Luntie
Date Posted: 26 Jul 16 at 9:34AM
Hi Michel,

In april 2015 you did not have a date to share. Now we are over a year later.......... Can we expect a new release shortly? Or must we forget PDF reDirect and look for another tool . I ask this because using it with windows 10 causes crashes all the time . Hope to get a quick and positive response.


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 07 Aug 16 at 11:46PM
Hi John,

You are right - I never did provide an update.

Unfortunately, I was on a large, full time project that took all of my time for the last two years. Between extensive travel and a move, I was unable to find the time to touch PDF reDirect and complete the current version (v2.5.7).

I updated my main PC to Windows 10 about 3 months ago, and I have been using PDF reDirect daily, with no crashes or issues except for the inability to print from the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Here is the plan going forward: my large project is winding down, and I resuming programming PDF reDirect to finalize the update to v2.5.7. Currently, I (still) do not have a commitment date, so it is probably better that I don't make a commitment to a date, and disappoint you later. Please understand that PDF reDirect does not make enough income, so I need the pay from a full time job to make ends meet.

It sounds like you are having some difficulties with your installation though as you mentioned crashes. You can still contact me by email, and I can try to help you troubleshoot. So far, many of the issues were not attributable to Windows 10, and were other issues, some of which are easily fixed.


Posted By: bruttino
Date Posted: 30 Sep 16 at 8:24AM
I would be very excited about a new version. We've been using this in the office for years. I've purchased a few copies. Any update would be appreciated. I use it for printing maps. Is there any way to have control over using PDF layers?

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 02 Oct 16 at 11:21PM
Thank you for the feedback. Good news: I have resumed programming on the next release. My goal is to complete that version this year. I am not sure about "control" over PDF layers since PDF reDirect is a PDF creator, not an editor.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: bruttino
Date Posted: 07 Dec 16 at 3:21PM
That's great news! Thanks

Posted By: Nước
Date Posted: 05 Feb 23 at 3:25AM
I want to support Vietnamese. I hope v3.0 version comes out soon with Vietnamese language. Add the function to adjust the indent of the paper size, I want to adjust it to 0. Thanks!

Posted By: Nước
Date Posted: 09 Sep 23 at 11:25AM
Originally posted by Michel_K17

Wow. It has been a while! :)My current version is v2.5.7 and it is nearly ready. I am integrating a new language editing tool, and still fixing a couple of minor bugs. In particular, it is also fully compatible with very high resolutions screens (ie 4K and screens like the Surface Pro).If you want, you can try it (these are truly beta, and does have a few bugs). In particular, the startup can be slow for large jobs (I found the reason why, and it is easy to fix).Anyway, you can try the links!

tôi cần phiên bản mới hỗ trợ tiếng việt. Bản v2.5.2 quá cũ để sử dụng

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