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AutoCAD single page

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Topic: AutoCAD single page
Posted By: wrk4mepdf
Subject: AutoCAD single page
Date Posted: 14 Jan 12 at 8:46AM
Hi, I just recently started using PDF reDirect to produced PDF files from AutoCAD version 2008 to current.  One issue I have not been able to resolve is the following:  In AutoCAD I utilize a process call Sheet set manager (SSM), it allows me to print an entire set either by single sheet or a merged file -to use PDF reDirect's language-.  I set my plotting process to use PDF reDirect to print.  However, whe these files get passed to PDF reDirect instead of taking the default name -coming from the AutoCAD file or layout- they go directly to PDF reDirect merge list queue.  If I just go through the process as is -out of the box- I navigate to the folder where I want these files to be stored, hit the save button and all the files in the Merge queue are saved in that single saved file.

Sometimes this is the desire outcome, and when this happens I name the file Complete set and all is great.  However 98% of the time when I plot -print- my files from AutoCAD I want them saved as a single file with the name already given to them by AutoCAD printing process.  This is where my problem begins, I have to manually select a file of the encrypted names in the merge list, name it in the filename field and hit save for each file - hopefully when I hit save all the files on the merge list won't go in to the file I just finished naming locating its folder destiny and saving.

I'm requesting for help, since I'm new to the program on how to set PDF reDirect so that 1) it automatically save each file as its being sent from the AutoCAD plotting process -not holding in it in the merge file queue- and 2) to accept the file name that the AutoCAD process has given the file. 

Because printing CAD files using PDF reDirect is one step removed from the (SSM) -a cad file handling / printing process- My guess is that I would have to set in PDF reDirect a default folder if I want them automatically drop as PDF reDirect process the printing request?.

I guess my request is how do I batch process AutoCAD printed files so that they're automatically named and saved.  Your help would be greatly appriciated.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 15 Jan 12 at 1:42PM
Hi there!

   Have you tried the PDF reDirect Professional? It includes a "Batch PDF printer" feature where you can preset all of your settings, and the PDF is created in the target folder of your choice.

   You can switch to the Professional mode for evaluation pruposes by going into PDF reDirect >> Preferences >> Startup Mode >> PDF reDirect Pro >> Click OK.

   The filename is a little bit harder. The filename selected by PDF reDirect (or the batch printer) is the one that is given in the printer output file created by Windows, using the commands from the original application (AutoCAD in your case). Some applications (MS Office for example) are great at providing the filename, and others only provide the name of the application, and others leave that field blank.

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: wrk4mepdf
Date Posted: 15 Jan 12 at 9:48PM
Thanks Michel for your prompt reply to my question.  I will give the "Pro" version a try.  I've used other applications on board PDF engines and when it comes to naming the files they have environmental virables such us <name><counter >.<extension>  Wish I could make use of some of those variables in PDF reDirect to specify a naming convention.

Again, thanks for your quick reply.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 16 Jan 12 at 12:34AM

  You are quite welcome.

   You will see the same sort of variables for naming files. I think/hope that will work for you.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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