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Another Great Use

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Topic: Another Great Use
Posted By: Michel_K17
Subject: Another Great Use
Date Posted: 30 Apr 05 at 10:53AM
I received the following e-mail yesterday.

   I use PDF reDirect Pro every day to save internet data. I had downloaded a Users Manual for a DVD/VCR recorder player. It takes 30,097,548 bytes. I loaded the PDF file into Acrobat Reader 7 and printed the Manual using PDF reDirect Pro using good quality. The new PDF file is only 3,016,296 bytes which is only 10.02 % of the size of the original file.

   I then loaded both files into Acrobat Reader 7 and compared them side by side. Only the cover pages are different. I have the hard copy Manual which came with the equipment and note that there is an unusual written script on the bottom of the pages which don't show on either PDF file. Adobe wanted me to download a Japanese script file to properly view the document which is a 7 MB download which I declined. Only a portion of the cover pages appear on the first PDF file while the pages are totally blank on the reduced file. Acrobat Reader's search function found the same matches in both documents. The search capabilities are the reason that I downloaded the PDF file.

   Thanks again for this great product.



   Great Stuff!
   Please be aware that sometimes a "re-generated" PDF sometimes actually gets larger, not smaller. In your case, it sounds like the original included high resolution images which compressed better with PDF reDirect Pro.

   Thank you for sharing with everyone a new way to optimize PDF files.

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