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fuzzy, grey font

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Topic: fuzzy, grey font
Posted By: IanC
Subject: fuzzy, grey font
Date Posted: 02 Dec 11 at 6:23PM
I'm converting a Word file to pdf with PDF reDirect, and the font is coming out grey and fuzzy.  I'm using Perpetua font.

To check what was happening I turned off font smoothing on Acrobat Reader and saw that the raw font was coming out very blocky and ugly.  Smoothing did its job but left the font light with fuzzy edges.

I tried to select "Do not convert TrueType to PS1 type fonts" in preferences to try to improve this, but it failed with the message "Sorry an error occurred and the font conversion setting was not changed."  The program suggested that I could "make the change manually via printer properties" and was directed to the FAQ in Help for instruction, but I didn't see this specific setting in the FAQ.

So ... how do I turn on the "Do not convert TrueType to PS1 type fonts" options?  Are there any other ways I can improve the font?


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 04 Dec 11 at 12:47PM

   First step is to check your Adobe PDF Reader settings. In the Edit Menu >> Preferences >> Page Display >> Smooth Text >> here you can change to see what works best for you.

   If the problem remains, then I would look at your Perpetua font. What kind of font is it? Is it a TrueType font (preferred). Is the font a "bitmap" font, or a "raster" font.

   If you are unsure, then please send me a copy of the font file by e-mail to exp (at) exp-systems (dot) com. The font file will be located in the Windows\Fonts folder.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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