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Error-Could not create PDF

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Topic: Error-Could not create PDF
Posted By: rgrae
Subject: Error-Could not create PDF
Date Posted: 19 Apr 05 at 8:11PM

Hi Guys

Since upgrading to version 2, I often get an Error Message as above when using the Batch Printers.  (I am using your recompiled version which batches with picture quality set to very high). 

When I use the non batch setting, I can successfully create the pdf file using the very high picture setting, the same file name and folder location as the batch printer was set to.

The error does not *seem* to be related to file size, number of pictures or anything else... eg when I batch 12 identical reports from ms access, with the only difference being a name change at the top, it will sometimes print 12 out 15 successfully and give me the error on the other 3.

The problem isnt limited to batching from access.

Cheers, please help :)


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 20 Apr 05 at 12:13AM
Welcome back!

I'm offsite on training today and tomorrow, but I'll take a look at the problem as soon as I return.


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 24 Apr 05 at 11:38PM
Hello Rachel,

I was able to duplicate what you are describing, but only if I try to write (append) to the same PDF file in quick succession using the batch printer feature. I think that there is a possibility that one of the print jobs tries to write to the PDF file before the previous job has released the PDF file. Can you confirm this is the condition you are having trouble with (ie "append" selected and multiple print jobs)?

    If so, I think you have discovered a new bug. I will research this further, but I think what I can do is to add logic that will wait a little and try again to add the file to the PDF before giving up. There is a risk though that the pages may not be added to the PDF file in the right order (ie Job # 13 manages to beat Job # 14 to the PDF file when it becomes available).


Posted By: rgrae
Date Posted: 25 Apr 05 at 5:03AM

Hi, no I'm not appending to a file, I'm creating a new one...

I originally thought this problem only occurred when I was creating multiple files, using VBA code to open and print (on the batch printer) a succession of reports in ms access, but I have recently had this problem also creating individual files using the batch printer setting.  It only occurs occasionally, but I have discovered if it occurs with an individual file in this way, it always occurs whenever I try to print it on the batch printer.

When printing multiple reports from access, sometimes it occurs with a particular report and sometimes it does not.

Cheers - good luck!  I'll post any new information which throws light on this!

BTW I am using Windows XP Professional SP2, and Office XP

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 25 Apr 05 at 11:58PM

There is something you could do to help. Next time you go into the preferences (the green button), you can check the "Generate Log Files" checkbox, then click on "OK" and Exit the program.

Afterwards, if the problem occurs again, please go back as soon as you can in the preferences, and click on the "Submit Bug Report" button. This will allow you to send me the log files that should contain a hint as to what is going on. I'll let you know afterwards if I have found the source of the problem.

   Once you have done so, you can uncheck the "Generate Log Files".


Posted By: rgrae
Date Posted: 26 Apr 05 at 12:05AM
Bug report sent :)

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 26 Apr 05 at 12:31AM

   I got it. Thanks. That was fast...7 minutes!

   The error you got was the dreaded "-100 Ghostscript error" for which there is currently no known fix. A few people have reported this problem, but usually they get it consistently, and not occasionally as you seem to be experiencing.

   Have you ever had this "-100" error when you are not using the "batch" feature?

On my side, I just ran an automated 112 documents batch print stress test on my computer, and no problems. Sigh. I'll keep you posted if anything else comes up.

Posted By: rgrae
Date Posted: 26 Apr 05 at 12:36AM

Thanks for trying!  It's not the end of the world, just a nuisance :(

No, I've only had this error using the batch printers, and I can print the documents in question fine when using the non-batch printer (still using "Very good" picture quality).

Go figure! :)


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