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Convert from Publisher

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Topic: Convert from Publisher
Posted By: Laney
Subject: Convert from Publisher
Date Posted: 30 Mar 11 at 4:08PM
I had a previous version of PDF reDirect on an older pc with no problem for a couple of years, but since installing v252 on this one I have been unable to successfully convert a two-page spread from Publisher to pdf. The first page converts all colors (text, lines and fill) but not the second page. That converts all to black. What am I doing wrong, or is it as usual with me, just a simple tweak or box tick?
Thanks in advance.

Posted By: Laney
Date Posted: 30 Mar 11 at 5:56PM
Upon reading one or two topics in this forum, I was intrigued by the good references to Foxit, so installed the program immediately and made this my default pdf reader.
Lo and behold, when I select File - Publish as PDF or XPS, it saves as .pdf and opens through Foxit with full conversion. Unless I had wrong settings, I would suggest there is a bug in Acrobat Reader that prevents full conversion and leaves just the first page in colour.
Maybe I was lucky with this discovery, although I've bneen working on the issue for six hours. I hope this helps another numpty like me.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 01 Apr 11 at 12:49AM
Hi Laney,

   I agree: very odd behaviour.

   Are you using the "Print" >> PDF ReDirect to create you PDF files? or are you using the Microsoft command File >> Publish as PDF ?

   The first way creates the PDF file via PDF reDirect. The second way (through the menu) does NOT use PDF reDirect: this is a Microsoft Publisher feature. However, I have had a couple of comments from various users that the Microsoft PDF  creation that is part of Publisher, Word, etc. has a few issues (although I do not remember this one).

   I hope this helps.

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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