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Word Background Pictures (prevent blank pics)

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Topic: Word Background Pictures (prevent blank pics)
Posted By: Michel_K17
Subject: Word Background Pictures (prevent blank pics)
Date Posted: 04 Oct 10 at 12:29AM

   Someone was asking about why the Word background pictures were not appearing properly in his PDF files. In addition, he was having some pictures appearing partially blank.

   The solution is to turn on the printing option for background pictures, as follows:


   If you want to get the background color printed, click the office button in MS Word 2007, then choose Word Options (on the bottom), then click on Display (in the left pane), then go to Printing Options and enable Print background colors and images . If this is not enabled, you may look at nice background colors on your screen but it will not print them.

Office 2010 is slightly different. Choose File >> Options >> Display then go to Printing Options and enable "Print background colors and images"


Thank you very much. This fixed the problem with the backgrounds. It also solved another problem I did not mention, the disappearance of parts of photos.

The confusing thing was that when we used the 'default' pdf creation that came with Word (you simply choose a pdf extension when saving a word file), we did not have these problems even when the print background option was not enabled. However,the picture quality was poor, and that is why we tried PDF reDirect.

So you can see how we thought is was a problem with PDF reDirect. For this reason I wonder if this might be worth featuring on your Forum for others.



   I hope it helps others who have experienced the same problem/question.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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