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Hyperlinks in PDF??

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Topic: Hyperlinks in PDF??
Posted By: M323
Subject: Hyperlinks in PDF??
Date Posted: 18 Jan 05 at 9:32AM


I printed a word document to a PDF but the hyperlinks did not make the cross over. How can I put the hyperlinks back in the PDF?

Gettin it Done!

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 18 Jan 05 at 10:44PM
    Thank you for your interest in PDF reDirect.
    Unfortunately PDF reDirect does not support hyperlinks. The output is "printed" much like to a real printer, and the PDF output does not know what is a link, and what is not. What is frustrating is that Microsoft Word changes the text to blue with an underline, so it looks like a hyperlink in the PDF, but it doesn't work.
    I was frustrated myself, so I incorporated support for hyperlinks in the new PDF reDirect Professional v2. (see the picture).
    PDF reDirect Professional v2 will be available as an "official release" next Monday (Jan 24th). If you can't wait that long, you can download the "release candidate" (version 2.0.8) which is available from this Forum. Please be aware of the following though:
  1. A small bug was found with v208. The PDF and preview fails to be created right away, particularly with larger print jobs. You need to manually change one of the quality settings to get the preview to be created. Once you change the setting, the PDF is created, and everything is fine. This problem has been fixed for Monday's release. (ie select "Very Good" - and then the PDF is created. Then, you can re-select "Good" if that is what you wanted)
  2. Hyperlinks in the PDF can be automatically turned into a clickable link, but there are some limitations:
             1. "Secure Text" must be OFF. (it is by default)
             2. Text must use a standard font (either Arial, Helvetica or Times Roman).
             3. Text that forms the link must be all on the same line.
             4 Highlighted text with an underlying hyperlink won't work. The link must be explicitely spelled out (for security reasons).
    Hopefully that will get you going with getting the hyperlinks that you need.

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