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Program Freezes

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Topic: Program Freezes
Posted By: trekfans
Subject: Program Freezes
Date Posted: 11 Jan 05 at 5:23PM
I am new to PDF reDirect and downloaded it in the hopes of converting a mannual to PDF. The file is 2.51 MB and 233 pages with about one black and white picture per page on average. Everytime I have tried to convert this Word file to PDF the program freezes at 8.78 MB according to the printer window. I am using Windows ME and Office XP. Any help would be much appreciated, the file I was trying to convert can be found at


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 11 Jan 05 at 8:39PM

   Noticed that you are from Canada. I am originally from Ottawa (and lived just about everywhere).

   OK, I converted your file on my main development machine (Athlon 1600+, Win XP, 512 MB) without difficulty using PDF reDirect v123 and PDF reDirect Pro v208. The output PDF file size was 2.75 MB and 2.56 MB respectively.

   The 8.78 MB of data that you see in the printer status panel is about right in terms of the amount of "raw data" that travels through the printer driver (Before compression into a PDF file). So, at least it sounds like all the data is making it.

   The data transfer via PDF reDirect is different than the Pro version which may have an impact. Furthermore, the processing power of your computer and the amount of RAM especially can have an effect as well. For example, if the windows starts to use the swap file, then it may take a long, long time (and even appear frozen even though everything was fine).

   My next step is to test your file on my test Windows 98 machine (650 MHz with 256 MB) - to see if I can duplicate your problem. I'll keep you posted on the results via the forum, some time later tonight. I will also reprt on how long it took.

   In the mean time. you can download the PDF version of your document by using the following link: [ - HERE ].

   Hope that helps.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 11 Jan 05 at 11:17PM
Hello again,

   I was able to duplicate the problem on my Windows 98 machine by using PDF reDirect v123. It froze just as you described, and not all the data was transferred.

   I tried PDF reDirect Pro v176, and it failed as well, but I believe for a different reason.

   Finally, the new PDF reDirect Pro v208 worked OK, after I changed a setting - to get the program to "refresh" itself.

   I will need to perform some additional research. I will get back to you for a more complete answer (and hopefully a solution) in about a week's time.

   Thank you for bringing this problem to my attention.

Posted By: trekfans
Date Posted: 12 Jan 05 at 4:57PM
Thanks for your help. I have used the program on a few smaller files and it has worked great. I will be sure to tell friends of your great program.


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 12 Jan 05 at 10:37PM
You are welcome. I have found the problem with v208 and will issue a fix shortly.

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