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Resizing Meeting Timer to make small

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Topic: Resizing Meeting Timer to make small
Posted By: Michel_K17
Subject: Resizing Meeting Timer to make small
Date Posted: 27 Jul 09 at 12:21AM
I received the following question via e-mail that might be useful.

Thanks again for this timer.  It's been a big help in several of my
meetings.  I had a question about one thing.  Since I'm not computer
savvy, this may be something that's totally not possible, so feel free to
tell me to "go pound sand" if need be.  My dilemma is the size of the
timer.  I know I can adjust it, but to be able to see the timer figures, I
usually wind up stretching it across the screen.  Would it be possible to
add a feature that allows you to view it similar to a pie chart, or watch
face?  Maybe a circular display that shows the time decreasing as you go? 
This would allow me to use it as a small icon at the bottom left corner of
the screen, but still display the same information.

Just a thought...




Hi Eric,

    No worries, you are perfectly fine. Your idea is already on my "to
do" list, and definitely possible.

    For now, I would aim to stick it to the side, as narrow as
possible and transparent, or to make it as small a box as possible, in a
landscape format which causes the two columns to be shown side-by-side.

Here is what it looks like then (which is fairly small):


    So at least, you can stick that in the corner of the screen. To
resize, just grab the sides, or you can also resize from the upper-left and
lower-right corners. There is an option in the settings to remember the
last position so you don't have to resize it manually every time you run
the program.

    For the future, the arcs is a possibility. I am also looking at a
"micro mode" which would be a single line on the edge, and to be able to
minimize to the system tray. All of these improvements are not for the
immediate future as I have started a new project.

    I hope that the interim solution helps though.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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