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Can't Save A PDF on the Network

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Topic: Can't Save A PDF on the Network
Posted By: kennywhite
Subject: Can't Save A PDF on the Network
Date Posted: 01 Jul 09 at 3:41PM
 We have a server that a few users log into via Remote Desktop. They run a report and save a pdf of the report on a network share on another server. There is one user (and only one) who cannot save anything on the network.
They do have the proper permissions, they can open and save stuff to the share, but when they print with PDF reDirect and select My Network Places, nothing happens, the list doesn't expand or anything. I've tried placing a shortcut on the desktop and the program doesn't see that either.
I deleted the users profile and had them log back in, but that did no good.
What is causing this?

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 02 Jul 09 at 12:24AM

   Not sure if there is only one user who cannot access the network. I seem to recall someone else reporting that they could not access the network unless it was a mapped drive (can't quite remember the details).

   Although, if the problem is just for the one user (I am not 100% clear because you then said "they") , then I would try to see what is different about his (their?) account(s) and/or settings.

   This part of the code has been completely re-written for the new v2.3, and now includes a more solid Folder and Files explorer than the current code. I am not sure whether that will make a difference since the "My Network Places" is working for me, even when I log in remotely (via Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, and Log-me-in).

   Have you checked to see if the user can access "My Network Places" with Windows Explorer?

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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