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New Feature Request - Insert doc

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Topic: New Feature Request - Insert doc
Posted By: adp9626
Subject: New Feature Request - Insert doc
Date Posted: 15 May 09 at 8:20PM

I would love to see an insert feature in PDF Redirect Pro. 

Currently it can be done by splitting a merged document in two at the insert page and save two separate documents, then add them to the merge list, then add the document I want to insert and save it as a new document.
It would be so much nicer if we can just specify where to insert a page into an already merged document. The feature is available in Adobe Acrobat but it costs a whole lot more. I have been telling all of my colleagues to buy PDF Redirect Pro and insert is one feature we can definitely use.
By the way, I love this product. The easiest PDF creator I have seen so far.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 18 May 09 at 12:15AM
Hi there,

   An insert feature is in the works.

   Although, the way I am thinking of doing it is to give you the option to view the files in the Merge List in a "page view" mode so that you can re-arrange the pages individually.

   I was thinking of doing this change for v3.0.0, but I am wondering if the "Insert" that you suggested would be far easier to implement. Therefore, I've added that to my list of the (nearly completed) v2.3.0, so you should see that very shortly.

   And thank you for your kind remarks!

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: adp9626
Date Posted: 18 May 09 at 11:14AM

Your idea would be a great help as well when we need to insert at multiple locations within the same file.  I would love to see that feature in the future. 

Thanks for the quick response.

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