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change default installation folder?

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Topic: change default installation folder?
Posted By: zsx4
Subject: change default installation folder?
Date Posted: 03 Mar 09 at 10:14AM
Install_PDFR_v228.exe (free version)

I cannot seem to see an option during install to change the default installation folder.

I must be blind but after three install/uninstall sessions I fail to see an option.

I'd like to install to a HD other than c: (G: in my case)

thanks for answering a dumb question.

Posted By: zsx4
Date Posted: 03 Mar 09 at 10:30AM

never mind... I found the solution above and it worked perfectly using the following text in my batch file:including quote marks

"Install_PDFR_v228.exe" /S /D=G:\Program Files\PDF reDirect

thanks. I can now use this technique in the future. you guys are just too smart!


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 04 Mar 09 at 1:42AM

Great! Smile

By the way: beware of custom installation paths: Vista hates that. You may find that PDF reDirect will cease to work if you ever upgrade to Vista. Otherwise, you should be fine if you are using Windows XP.



P.S. For anyone who cares: I tested PDF reDirect Pro with the new Windows v7 (currently in Beta), and that works fine.

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: zsx4
Date Posted: 04 Mar 09 at 9:02AM
thanks for the warning but I have no intention of switching to vista. xp works just fine (as far as a MS product is concerned) And I had no idea MS was coming out with yet another BAOS* Does'nt mr gates have enough cash already?


Thanks for the info and the great product

*Barely Adequate Operating System

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 05 Mar 09 at 8:24AM
OK, perfect then. Just wanted you to know. I enjoyed the acronym! Smile

Posted By: zsx4
Date Posted: 05 Mar 09 at 9:33AM

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