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Allowing commenting in the output file

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Topic: Allowing commenting in the output file
Posted By: blysethr
Subject: Allowing commenting in the output file
Date Posted: 11 Aug 08 at 9:35AM
I would like to send out PDF for commenting but, from reDirect Pro I don't see any way other than locking the file which most users do not know how to unlock.  Is there a way of doing this?

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 11 Aug 08 at 10:14PM

   Up until recently, you could not apply comments to a PDF using PDF Reader: you (ie your reviewers) had to use Acrobat.

   However, this changed with PDF Reader v8 which you can use to apply comments, but only if the author turns this feature on using Adobe's Acrobat. The last time I looked into this about 6 months ago, Adobe had kept this feature to themselves (ie it was not in the specification). More recently, my PDF programmer expert thought that it could be done, but requires the use of digital signatures to record who is commenting on what. For now, we have not added this feature to PDF reDirect.

   The best option I would recommend is to make use of the FoxIt PDF Reader [ - here ] that includes a comment tool. This, of course, means that all of your reviewers would need to use that PDF Reader rather than the more common reader from Adobe.

   I hope that helps a little bit, although it is probably not the answer you were looking for.

   Best regards,


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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