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Some fonts are converted incorrectly

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Topic: Some fonts are converted incorrectly
Posted By: Harry
Subject: Some fonts are converted incorrectly
Date Posted: 11 Jan 08 at 3:47PM

When I convert a .doc-file to pdf everything is okay and it looks like this: -

When I copy the lines from the .doc and paste them as a picture into a QuarkXPress-document it looks the same way when I print it with my HP-Deskjet.

But when I print the QuarkXPress-document with PDF reDirect 2.2.5, it looks like this: -

The top-line disappeared and line 8 (resp. 7) looks strange.
How can I avoid this?

TIA and best regards

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 12 Jan 08 at 9:47AM

    Took me a while to figure out "TIA" means, but I finally got it. Smile

    There are a couple of things that I would recommend that you check. These are:

  1. Look into the QuarkXPress menu to see if you have an "import" feature, and see if you can import the Word doc rather than using "copy and paste" which may not give you the benefir of any conversion optimization code thatQuarkXPress may offer.
  2. If QuarkXPress does not import word document, it might support importing RTF documents, so Save from Word as RTF, and import into QuarkXPress as an RTF.
  3. Look in the QuarkXPress Options, Preferences, Page Setup or Print Setup for an options, Print Options or Advanced Options that may contain settings related to the fonts, and how they are handled for sending to the printer, and in what format. Look for something that allows you to send the fonts to the printer as Type 1 PS fonts,  but if that does not work, try sending "TrueType" fonts instead.
  4. Again, in the QuarkXPress options, do not select anything that might say "allow printer to substitute fonts".
  5. Change the printer font settings as follows:
    1. PDF reDirect Freeware: Go Start Menu >> Setttings >> Printers. Right-click on the PDF reDirect printer, and choose "properties", then General Tab >> Printing Preferences >> Advanced >> Postscript Options >> TrueType Font Download and change that setting from "Outline" to "Automatic" and see if that fixes the problem for you.
    2. PDF reDirect Pro: is a bit simpler. Start PDF reDirect Pro >> Preferences >> Properties and un-check "Do not convert to PS Type 1 Fonts".
  6. Try re-typing some of the text in QuarkXPress with the correct font. Did that make a difference.
    To summarize, fonts can be a bit tricky to handle, particularly in more advanced programs like QuarkXPress that can provide more options than more generic programs like Word.

    I hope this helps you fix the problem.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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