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Driver Paper sizes not working

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Topic: Driver Paper sizes not working
Posted By: kevinPG1
Subject: Driver Paper sizes not working
Date Posted: 22 Aug 07 at 4:56PM

Version 2.52

I'm using your latest version, paid for it and all. 

I'm trying to install this driver to be used with AutoCad Batch printer and for some reason alot of the time it'll come back with an error stating that the printer doesn't support the selected size.  I tried to look up the driver within the registry.  Unfortunately its in binary which I decided to skip back in the day.


The older version used to work.  Or do you think its more something to do with the postscript being pushed out of autocad.

Sooner you can fix the better.


Thank you!!!

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 23 Aug 07 at 1:04AM
Hi Kevin,

    It is possible that the paper size that you are using might not be present, and could generate the error.

    For example, for some European customers, the A1 paper size (sometimes) fails to appear in the dropdown of paper sizes. This seems to be a bug in the printer description file interpreter from Adobe. I see that you live in the United States in your profile, and there have not been any reports of any problems with all of the paper sizes included with PDF reDirect Freeware/Pro.

    The paper sizes included with PDF reDirect are:
  • Legal
  • Letter
  • Tabloid_(11x17)
  • A0
  • A1
  • A2
  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
  • ARCHA_(9x12)
  • ARCHB_(12x18)
  • ARCHC_(18x24)
  • ARCHD_(24x36)
  • ARCHE_(36x48)
  • ARCHE1_(30x42)
  • Business_Card_(3.5x2)
  • Executive_(7.25x10.5)
  • Header_Footer_(5x0.5)
  • PostCard_(5.5x4)
  • Stamp_Medium_(1x0.3)
  • Stamp_Normal_(2x0.5)
  • Stamp_Tiny_(0.5x0.2)
  • Statement_(5.5x8.5)
  • SVGA
    Is it possible that you need the ANSI paper sizes? I have an outstanding request to add these at the next release.

    If you do not see the paper size that you need, you can add custom paper sizes permanently to the PDF reDirect Pro printer by using the instructions [ - here ].

    I am not 100% sure that I have truly addressed your question though, particularly that I do not own AutoCAD, so I was not able to try to duplicate the problem. Please let me know how you make out, and I will certainly try to help further.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: kevinPG1
Date Posted: 23 Aug 07 at 2:06PM
I got it to finally work once I figured out that the paper sizes within the autocad files don't sync up with the paper sizes in the driver.  
Autocad has access to all the paper sizes within my computer.  Which, is pretty much the same as what CutePDF has the ability to print.
My problem is that the page setup in all my files was set to 11 x 17 when in reality it needed to be set to Tabloid_(11x17) so now I have to change the page setups in a couple hundered files.
Its wierd that this setup used to work at one time.
This does get rid of one issue.
The other is the autonaming feature.
It used to take a file and autoname it 00005-15 Model (1)_.pdf
Now it takes a file and autonames it  00005-15_DWG Model (1)_.pdf
My intranet server is setup for the first one.  I've got a temporary solution that sort of works I just have to run it frequently as an after effect.
Is there a way to fix that file name issue?

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