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PDF redirect keeps freezing on users

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Topic: PDF redirect keeps freezing on users
Posted By: Imaginetheworld
Subject: PDF redirect keeps freezing on users
Date Posted: 31 Oct 23 at 1:18PM
couple of my users say PDF redirect keeps freezing on them. and at the time of merging files once opening acrobat they get duplicate files and missing texts, and they get repeated logos etc.
im not sure if this is corruption withing merging the files on redirect.

Usually, the freezing happens when the users are working from home I wonder if this has to do with network issues?

I reinstalled pdf redirect and it did not solve the issue. i tried updating it and the same.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 31 Oct 23 at 11:32PM
Hi there.

Sorry to hear. In general, freezing may simply tied to the document they are printing, and whether it was particularly complex. Based on what you are describing, I recommend that you try the latest version 2.5.4. It is listed as a "beta", but I have not received any complaints or bug reports. It does have an updated printer driver, and more importantly, and improved PDF conversion engine.

PLease try that, and let me know if that does not fix the problems. You can get this version on the forum here:



Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: Imaginetheworld
Date Posted: 06 Nov 23 at 3:45PM
they are still reporting freezing issue even after the new software install

i also got this error. when opening the log file
310,368332595,"CA",3,"START LOGGING: 11/6/2023 2:24:55 PM"
310,368332595,"CA",4,"Language = English - Unicode Mode = False"
310,368332607,"CA",5,"An expected Error Occured in Process_Job_List"
310,368332608,"CA",6,"   - DLL Error Number = 2 - The system cannot find the file specified. "
310,368332609,"CA",7,"Return to UI Message = "
310,368332610,"CA",8,"GENERATE EVENT: TUXF"

also when i try to update the software. i get this error.

"sorry: an error occurred in frmBugreport.cmdsubmit_click@errorhandler,
1. 35752 - error opening avi file - AVI may contain audio or be compressed in a non-rle format
2.01813 - the specified resource type cannot be found in the image file."

let me know what other steps to take to fix the freezing.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 07 Nov 23 at 8:53PM
Hmm... The "upgrade error" related to frmBugreport.cmdsubmit -that seems to be for submitting a bug report (which no longer works because my ISP stopped their service)

At any rate - I am sorry to hear of the freezing issue.

In one instance, I was able to troubleshoot the problem for customers which was related to a corrupted picture in her MS Word file.

In other case - the file that was being converted was so huge that the customer's computer was running out of memory.

To help you, if you have a file that is consistently refusing to convert to PDF, I can certainly analyze it for you by testing in my lab (assuming the document has no confidential info or IP).

One possible fix that I have done is to convert the first half of the document, then add the 2nd half, and merge/save the two halves. Hopefully that makes sense.



Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: Imaginetheworld
Date Posted: 08 Nov 23 at 4:21PM
now the issue is no longer happening with most of our staff. now we only have one user left who is having problems with redirect. its usually when they are looking for extremely large files in our cloud drives, then that's when the software freezes. im thinking their is probably some corruption within the OS. im not sure.
Her teammates are not reporting anymore freezing issues but only hers? do you think its still something within redirect or with the OS? Yes unfortunately our files have some very sensitive information such as people demographics and social security numbers.

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