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Create clickable links in MS Publisher

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Topic: Create clickable links in MS Publisher
Posted By: Michel_K17
Subject: Create clickable links in MS Publisher
Date Posted: 13 Oct 06 at 1:49AM

   At the request of someone who was having trouble creating clickable links in MS Publisher, here is some help that might be useful.

   First off, you will need at least v2.1.13 of PDF reDirect Pro. You can download the Upgrade to v2.1.13 [ - here ].

   Finally, you need to ensure the following:
  1. That all text that forms the link uses a "Standard" Font, that is "Arial", "Times Roman" or "Courier"
  2. That the link is fully spelled out in plain text for example - (i.e. it won't work if you use embedded links like - this )
  3. The link must fit on one single line of text.
  4. Make sure that the Font Setting is set to "Do Not embed System Fonts" (see screenshot below)
  5. Make sure that in the Advanced Print options, the option to "Allow printer to substitute fonts" was selected so that the standard fonts stay as standard fonts. By the way, that will make your PDF file much smaller: my sample file went from 200KB to 70KB. (see screenshot below)

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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