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Web pages conversion issue

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Topic: Web pages conversion issue
Posted By: juicyfruit67
Subject: Web pages conversion issue
Date Posted: 18 Jun 06 at 11:14AM
In order to rework some web pages later on, it is interesting to convert them into pdf format rather than htm one.
The issue is that some images don't get the same ratio conversion at the end.
Embedded tabs might appear truncated, or picture frames would appear much smaller than what they are.
Is that related to the kind of engine converter ?
I tried many options with available preferences, but no way to get through...
Did I miss something ?
I use Win XP SP2 OS and Mozilla Firefox navigator.
Thanks for any help or comments.


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 18 Jun 06 at 6:44PM
Hi Juicyfruit,

   All of the problems you described are related to the program that is used to "print" the output. In my experience, I have sometimes found that if I get undesirable results with Firefox, I switch to Internet Explorer just for printing. Also, Firefox has an option to force the output to fit on one page, but I wouldn't be surprised if that option might "squish" the output (Sorry for the technical term).

   PDF reDirect does not modify the layout or size of the elements on the printed output. The only options are those listed in the program (ie picture quality, color model, and page rotation).



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