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Access to Reader’s commenting capability

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Topic: Access to Reader’s commenting capability
Posted By: msorens
Subject: Access to Reader’s commenting capability
Date Posted: 26 May 06 at 1:39PM
I am wondering if there is any way within pdfRedirect to enable a generated document for commenting? That is, to allow readers to add comments to the document using the commenting toolbar. I assume (perhaps naively) that enabling this in a document is a simple boolean flag in the document code somewhere...

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 26 May 06 at 10:10PM

   Unfortunately, enabling commenting in Adobe's Reader v7 is not so easy. Commenting used to be a feature reserved for the full "Acrobat" software, and was not available in the "Reader" version. In the new v7.0 of the Reader, they now offer the ability for the user to add comments. Turning on that feature requires a setting to be set in the PDF but Adobe has kept that setting to themselves. In the PDF Reader help file, you will find the following comment:

      "In Adobe Reader, you can add comments only if additional usage rights that enable commenting are added to the PDF document by Adobe Acrobat 7.0"

   When opening a PDF created using PDF reDirect in the Reader, the summary of the security settings will say that commenting is not allowed, yet, if you click the "Show Details" button, the Commenting security setting will say that it is "allowed". This "allowed" means that it would be allowed if the PDF was opened in the Acrobat version of their program (ie the old way).

   So basically, you (and me) are out of luck, at least for now. I think this "restriction" is a bit sneaky on Adobe's part, but I am sure that they do it to entice customers to buy their "Acrobat" product.

   I am hopeful that will change in the future.


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