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View Style and Default Zoom - do not set

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Topic: View Style and Default Zoom - do not set
Posted By: sludge7051-x
Subject: View Style and Default Zoom - do not set
Date Posted: 26 Feb 16 at 3:07PM

I'm using EXP version 252, version 2, in Win 8.1

Just before you click to save a PDF, there are some settings:

View Style . . . and the default Zoom (Fit Page, Fit Width, 200% . . . )

I use Foxit Phantom Business PDF.  It is set to open a PDF to Fit Page.

If I make a PDF with EXP, and I had the View Style set at 200%, then, I see that Phantom cannot open it to Fit Page.  It has to open it to how EXP created it, 200%

If I make a PDF with EXP, and I had the View Style set to Fit Page, then, I see that Phantom can open it to Fit Page.

Is there some way to disable the View Style setting in EXP?  Sometimes, I like to have the default zoom be Fit Width, but for any PDF I made with EXP, it will open to the View Style at which I created it.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 27 Feb 16 at 1:24AM

Unfortunately, the View Style must be set to a value, following the options provided by the PDF specification. My recommendation if you are having problems is to use the default of 100% which will work on most computers.

I hope this helps,

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: sludge7051-x
Date Posted: 27 Feb 16 at 8:41AM

In EXP, if I set:
View Style:  Windows (Default) . . . 100% Zoom (Default)
. . . I see that it opens in Foxit to "Actual Size" . . . that must be 100%
. . . which is partially off screen at the top, and an inch or two off screen at the bottom
. . . "Fit Page" makes it so that you can see the whole document on the screen at once - you can see the border of the page

When I make the PDF with Foxit Phantom Business, it opens as "Fit Page," its default view for PDFs.
If I change the default view within Foxit to "Fit Width," Foxit opens the PDF to that.

It's like EXP hard codes a PDF to only open at the magnification you had it set at, when you made it.

Out of curiosity, any idea why this occurs? . . .

I look at the Properties of both PDFs, and see that
Foxit uses . . . PDF Version:  PDF-1.7
EXP uses . . . PDF Version:  PDF-1.3

Within the PDF, I see the Initial View setting / Magnification
Foxit . . . Default
EXP . . . Actual Size

Is there anything in the Registry that can be disabled, so that the Magnification always goes to "Default," no matter what you specify?

Posted By: sludge7051-x
Date Posted: 02 May 16 at 1:54PM

I print to EXP, and make a PDF as "Fit Page"

I have Foxit Phantom set to open PDFs as "Screen Width"

. . . Foxit will not open the EXP PDF as "Screen Width," but as "Fit Page" . . . It appears that the PDF has been hard coded to open how it was made?

Is there a Registry hack, so that Foxit can open a PDF made by EXP, at the Page Display Zoom level specified in Foxit?

Reason for my question:  I like to have Foxit default print to Tabloid Portrait . . . and EXP as Letter Portrait . . . I choose what will work best as needed, and don'thave to change any settings

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 07 May 16 at 8:04PM

I have confirmed that the settings used by PDF reDirect conform to the PDF Specification. I am not sure why Foxit would not follow the specification, but no, I do not know of a registry hack for that program - sorry.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: sludge7051-x
Date Posted: 16 May 16 at 8:19AM
I found out that it has to do with the "Initial View" settings of the PDF, which can be seen under:  File / Properties / Initial View
"Page Only" is ok, but if you specify "Single Page Continuous" and "Fit Page," as opposed to having both of these as "Default," then the Vertical bar / slider is not at the very top of the page that it can be, it is slightly lower.  They'll look into it.

Also, there are three factors that determine the page layout display:
1) File / Properties / Initial View
2) File / Preferences / History / [un-check] Restore last view settings when reopening
3) File / Preferences / Page Display / Default Layout and Zoom: Page Only, Continuous, Fit Page . . . this is the default view that I want
The display priority order is 1, 2, 3
The priority should be 3, 2, 1 - that would give the expected behavior

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