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SMS Package Creation

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Topic: SMS Package Creation
Posted By: dillson
Subject: SMS Package Creation
Date Posted: 06 Apr 06 at 9:32AM

I'm trying to repackage this for SMS distribution, but I cannot get a printer created.  I note that you are using the PR_Installer.exe program to install your drivers and printers.  Is there a reference for this so I can create printers?


Michael Dillson

GA Department of Transportation

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 10 Apr 06 at 11:26PM
Hello Michael,

   Sorry for my ignorance. What is SMS distribution?

   The "PR_installer.exe" is the program I wrote to install the Port, Port Monitor, Printer Driver and Printer. This is a one shot program that specifically installs the PDF reDirect or PDF reDirect Pro printer. If I recall correctly, it takes a parameter on the command line to specify a normal or silent installation, and a PDF reDirect or PDF reDirect Pro printer.

   Anyway, let me know exactly what you are looking for or trying to do, and I'll see what I can do to help.



Posted By: dillson
Date Posted: 11 Apr 06 at 9:31AM

We have 2100 licenses for this product, and are attempting to distribute it to our enterprise CAD users using Microsoft SMS 2003.  In order to do this, the package has to be wrapped into an .MSI file for distribution.

When I create my packages and capture, everything works fine, except that the local printer is not created.  I cannot seem to create this printer (in a working form using a command) using any tool I have at my disposal.

I note that during your install, you use the PR_Installer program to set up your printer, but the command line I can see during the install results in an error whenever I try to use it.

Is there some type of documentation available on the command line interface for this program?

Michael Dillson

Georgia Department of Transportation

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 11 Apr 06 at 10:20PM
   OK. I understand better. PR_Installer.exe is called by the installation script (the installation program) and it generates the command line on the fly to either install or remove the printer. You say that "everything works fine, except that the local printer is not created": therefore, does this mean that all of the other components install correctly? (ie the Port, Port Monitor and Printer Driver?).

The command line switches are as follows:

-i = Install printer/driver/port/port monitor
-d = Display details on status of progress (shown below progress bar)
-q = Quiet Mode - Nothing displayed, not even progress bar.
-e = Report to user any errors that occurred (even if -q is specified).
-g = Generate a Critical Dummy Error for testing purposes.
-p Installs "Professional" printer rather than the freeware one.
-lxxxx = language id (1033 = english)
-u = Uninstall

   So, the normal installation command switches would be:

   PR_Installer.exe -i -e -p -l1033

   I hope that helps. You could play with the -d and -e switches to see if the error log would provide you with the information that explains what is going wrong. If it does not, please let me know, and we'll take it from there. Does PR_Installer.exe run at all?

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