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Renaming the printer doesn’t work anymor

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Topic: Renaming the printer doesn’t work anymor
Posted By: Rikard
Subject: Renaming the printer doesn’t work anymor
Date Posted: 18 Mar 06 at 10:02AM
First of, great program

We have used the program in our organization for quit some time now, and everybody is liking it.

We have used it since 1.x and then when I install it the name of the printer was "PDF reDirect Pro".

When v2 came out, currently using 2.0.15, the name of the printer changed to "PDF reDirect Pro v2"
The problem is that I have crated a pdfprinter in our "business software" and that only work if the printers name is "PDF reDirect Pro".

So with 2.0.15 I simply renamed the printer to "PDF reDirect Pro" after the installation finished and everything works like before.

I have now tried 2.1.7 on one machine and renaming the printer cause the save button to be grayed out so creating pdf are not possible anymore. (took me some figuring out...)

If I can figure out how to rename the printer in our "business software" I have to rename all local printer to "PDF reDirect Pro v2" for it to work which is a bit of an hassle which I would like to avoid.

Is there a good reason for not allowing renaming of the printer anymore?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 27 Mar 06 at 7:02PM

   Sorry for the lateness of my response. I normally get an automated message whenever somebody posts on the web site, and somehow, I did not get one for this one.

   So, you asked if there was a "good reason" why renaming the printer would not work. The answer is that there is a "bad reason" why not: I use the printer name to differentiate between a normal "print job" and a "batch printer" which could be any name. In v2.0, the batch printers always started with "Batch PDF - " so anything else was treated as a regular PDF reDirect printer. However, there was a request to allow any name for batch printers, so I changed the logic to allow only the "PDF reDirect v2" and "PDF reDirect Pro v2" as the allowed printer names for a regular name.

   I believe this would be a fairly easy thing to fix (I'll spare you the details). If changing the name in your business software is a hassle, please let me know and I will send you an "unofficial" modified version which will fix the problem in advance of the next maintenance release.



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