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Colours Look Weird (when using Freehand)

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Topic: Colours Look Weird (when using Freehand)
Posted By: Michel_K17
Subject: Colours Look Weird (when using Freehand)
Date Posted: 07 Mar 06 at 6:52PM
   Someone asked me by e-mail on how to get the colors to appear correctly when the PDF is generated using Freehand.

   This is a "color model" problem. PDF files can contain pictures in either the "RGB" or the "CMYK" color model, but not both at the same time. The problem will occur if Freehand is using CMYK and PDF reDirect is set to using the RGB color model.

    What you can try to do first is to select the "CMYK" color model in PDF reDirect after you created the PDF. That's the dropdown just below the quality selections in the upper right-hand side of the PDF reDirect window. This should fix the problem.

    However, if you try to go the more common "RGB" output model, you may have some additional settings to play with in Freehand. I found a whole article on this subject [ - here ].

    This article says that: "When you print to a PostScript device, FreeHand wants almost everything to be CMYK. Even if you uncheck the "Convert RGB to process" option and select an RGB profile for the Composite printer, only imported RGB images get converted to the destination Composite printer profile. Everything else is CMYK, and there appears to be no way around this, so you may have significant problems printing to an RGB PostScript RIP." Although that sounds pretty final, PDF reDirect DOES convert all objects (pictures AND objects like fonts, lines) if you select "RGB", so that option should work too.

    So, generally speaking, the following options should work, and give the best results because there is no conversion:
  1. all CMYK (Freehand and PDF reDirect) or
  2. all RGB ((Freehand and PDF reDirect) or
  3. Freehand in CMYK, "Convert RGB to process" unchecked in Freehand when printing, and "RGB" set in PDF reDirect

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