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Filename of PDF file

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Topic: Filename of PDF file
Posted By: PepaR
Subject: Filename of PDF file
Date Posted: 14 Feb 06 at 1:42PM
When I create file (eg.: 01.doc -> 01.pdf) from some application and I keep dialog of PDF reDirect (do not close), next I'd like create next file so filename is in previous form (eg.: 02.doc -> 02.pdf).  It's waste my time to find filename converted file to correct filename. Is oiit possible improve it to load filename even, when I converted file?
Thanks for Reply


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 16 Feb 06 at 1:44PM
Unfortunately, You cannot do this right now. I can see how this feature would be handy for you. I could make the "autonaming" feature optional.

For something like what you are describing, I would use the "Batch PDF " printer of PDF reDirect Pro which allows you to setup ahead of time how you want the PDF filename to look like.

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