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Missing stampsettings during startup

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Topic: Missing stampsettings during startup
Posted By: baghera
Subject: Missing stampsettings during startup
Date Posted: 11 Jan 06 at 4:14AM

I did the upgrade to v2.1.1 of the Pro version but unfortunately the new version don't remember the settings anymore for adding a stamp during startup. Every time i put a marker, but after closing the program and opening it again this mark is removed.

Who knows how to solve this so that the program remembers to add a stamp during startup?

A minor problem of this upgrade was that my own stamps, added in the former version where disappeared in this version. Of course they were easily added

Thanks, Ruud



Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 12 Jan 06 at 12:08AM
Hi Ruud,

   You got me!

   I discovered the same thing myself yesterday, and I plan to correct this error in the next minor release which will be in a few weeks.

   As for the stamps disappearing... same story: I added the code to make sure that the batch printers get upgraded from the previous version, but completely missed upgrading missed upgrading the stamps. But as you noted, not the end of the world. I added this to my list for the next major version release.

   I appreciate the feedback: thank you very much.

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