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Large PDF Created from MS Word File

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Topic: Large PDF Created from MS Word File
Posted By: avidfan
Subject: Large PDF Created from MS Word File
Date Posted: 16 Aug 05 at 3:34PM

I've seen posts with similar subject lines, but no resolution in the body of the post.  The software (v2.0.16) has worked great for me otherwise, but I'm having a file size problem. 

For example, I start with a 2471 KB Word file, and the pdf created by this software is a whopping 14,915 KB in size.  Why does his occur?



Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 16 Aug 05 at 9:36PM
   Scroll down to the bottom of the post for additional things you can do to reduce size (applicable to the freeware and pro versions)

   PDF reDirect (the freeware version) is set to provide higher quality output, but at the expense of file size. So, my first question is: does your Word document include any pictures? If so, I am not surprised that the PDF would be larger than the original file.

   Here are your options in order to get smaller PDF file sizes (from the easiest to the hardest):
  1. Click on the promo button for PDF reDirect Professional, and "activate" PDF reDirect Pro. Afterwards, you will be able to set the quality of the pictures to a lower setting which should reduce your file size.

  2. If you installed PDF reDirect over 90 days ago, then follow step #1 above (this will add an extra day to "evaluate" PDF reDirect Pro). Select a lower picture quality setting such as "good". Then, click on the "Preferences" button, and select the option to return to the "freeware" version of PDF reDirect. It should remember the setting you set while you were in the Pro version.

  3. Edit the "prefs_v2.ini" settings file located in "C:\Windows\System32\PDF reDirect". Find the entry for the printer setting "-->Settings=-P0-Q0-C0-R0-L0-E0-B0-H0" and change it to "-->Settings=-P0-Q2-C0-R0-L0-E0-B0-H0". Basically, the settings are: -Q0 = Highest quality (no downsampling & lossless compression), -Q1 = Very Good Quality (no downsampling & "light" jpeg compression), -Q2 = Good Quality (150dpi max & "medium" jpeg compression), -Q3 = Low Quality (75dpi max & "medium" jpeg compression).

  4. Resample all the pictures in your Word Document using a paint program to a lower resolution (I'd suggest 150 dpi for a good compromise).

   Hopefully this shoud address the file size issue you are having. Please let me know if that does not help.

Posted By: avidfan
Date Posted: 17 Aug 05 at 9:48AM

Three Cheers for EXP Tech Support.  I received a quick and accurate response!

Yes, there are photos in the Word docs.  I did a search for the .ini files as suggested in #3 above, and my problem was solved - the file size reduced dramatically.  To avoid this problem down the road, you might want to ask users about output quality during install, or add that functionality to the freeware program.




Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 17 Aug 05 at 11:09PM
   You are welcome. Yes, you can expect the next version of the freeware version to have additional features. Come back in a few months to check what is new!

   In addition, you can save even more room by changing your font selection in the Printer properties. You will lose the ability to create PDF files with complex characters (such as Chinese, Japanese, etc.), but this will make files with TrueType fonts nearly 30% smaller if they contain a lot of text.

   Here is a picture that explains how:

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