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Orientation problem from powerpoint

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Topic: Orientation problem from powerpoint
Posted By: mr.bat
Subject: Orientation problem from powerpoint
Date Posted: 30 Jul 05 at 2:12PM
I'm trying to print out a powerpoint (2003) presentation to pdf. Slides are horizontally orientated, and if I choose to print horizontal pages (within the powerpoint print menu), only the first slide actually comes out horizontal in the destination pdf, all the following ones are vertical.
Know more about that? Thanks.

Sorry if it's something you already talked about in the forum, I couldn't find any reference to this problem!

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 31 Jul 05 at 9:30PM

   PDF reDirect will automatically orient the page to Landscape or Portrait to match the orientation of the majority of the text on the page.

   So, the first question is: do the slides that are not aligned properly contain any text at all? I have seen slides with just a picture not show the correct orientation. In that case, there is a checkbox that allows you to override the orientation in the Professional version. For the basic version, I simply add a text box with some dummy text, and ensure that it off to the side, or under the picture, so it is not visible.

   I hope that helps. Please write back if the problem still occurs despite my suggestion.

Posted By: mr.bat
Date Posted: 01 Aug 05 at 5:25AM
Yep, the problem was that all the slides, except the first one, contained no text (actually some text was included inside the pictures themselves). Inserting some "dummy text" made the trick and now pages look correctly orientated!

Thank you for your hint!

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