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Example Code for Access/VBA?

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Topic: Example Code for Access/VBA?
Posted By: CoastalData
Subject: Example Code for Access/VBA?
Date Posted: 16 Jan 12 at 4:32PM
Hello, I have a new project that I'm working on, and it really looks like PDF reDirect should help me to knock this one out of the park!

We need to print receipts on a daily basis, and include an active brochure and/or trip document along with that receipt... The receipts themselves are generated from our Access database, and then the extra docs are linked to from the database, and are then made available via a query.

I had been ouputting the entire list of receipts as a single PDF file using a line like this:

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "rptReceipt", acFormatPDF

But that makes it more difficult to collate the other documents together, although it does make printing a breeze.

So anyhow, any Access/VBA coding examples, and/or ideas about hot to git-r-done would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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