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Print Selected page of Access reports

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Topic: Print Selected page of Access reports
Posted By: plunavat
Subject: Print Selected page of Access reports
Date Posted: 08 Sep 11 at 2:31PM
I am using PDF reDirect to print reports to pdf from MS Access.
I need to print selected page of the multipage reports (eg- 2,3,6,8).
Can anyone help me to acheive this..
Also if possible let me know the VBA code for the same
Thanks & Regards,

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 12 Sep 11 at 12:09AM

   No, I do not know of any way to do what you are asking.

   Closest I got was to google your question and I found [ - this ], but it sounds like they were not able to do it either.

   Best regards,

Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: plunavat
Date Posted: 12 Sep 11 at 12:34AM
Thanks Michel for your reply..
I think there is some confusion.
I want to print MS Access Reports. The data of the report is coming from database itself. This Report is multipage.
As of now when i print this report the complete report is printed and saved as pdf through PDF ReDirect. This is working perfectly. The VBA code for the same is,
code--- <Convert2Pdf MyDocumentName, MyBatchPrinter, MyOutputPath, MyOutputFilename, True, True>
I want to print selected page of the report say (first 2 page only). something like this is possible??
code--- <Convert2Pdf MyDocumentName(page 1, 2), MyBatchPrinter , MyOutputPath, MyOutputFilename, True, True>

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 12 Sep 11 at 10:48PM

   I checked the documentation of VBA Access, and there is a command called the "PrintOut" action which you can use to print a report, and includes the option to print a page range.

   This seems like a new command (I have Access 2010). Please search (in VBA for Access) for "PrintOut Macro Action", and it should give you the instructions you need. Here is a [ - link ] with more info.

   All you need to do now is to modify my code to use this command. Modify the Function called "PrintOutputToBatchPrinter" like this (sample - you will need to use variables to set your page ranges in the future:

     ' Create the PDF by sending the Print Job to the Batch Printer
     ' Note: I received a report from someone who was having a problem
     ' printing his Access report. The first few records were being
     ' repeated/duplicated on the second page. Although I did not figure
     ' out why this problem occured, I was able to fix the problem by
     ' generating a "Preview" first before printing. (see below)
     DoCmd.OpenReport MyDocumentName, acViewPreview  ' Generate a Preview First

     ' DoCmd.OpenReport MyDocumentName, acViewNormal   ' Print the Report

     DoCmd.PrintOut acPages, 1, 2


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: Goodwinm
Date Posted: 31 Oct 11 at 6:50AM
Hi Plunavat,

I think there may be a roundabout way to do this - in Access - depending on the underlying database structure.

I'm assuming the page selections are ad-hoc but I'm hoping there might be some way to exploit existing fields or create new ones that mirror the circumstances or your page choices.

If that's the case, then it should be possible for you to reconfigure your Access report so that there is an added selection criteria reflecting those field(s) and which would generate a pop-up input request. & so the Report gets limited to just those pages you want printed. (The'll be numbered 1,2,3 though)

just a thought

Posted By: Goodwinm
Date Posted: 31 Oct 11 at 6:57AM
And even if its not possible to predict the circumstances that might give rise to future page choices, a special field, say like "Ad_Hoc_Printing", with values Yes/No, should do the trick. All you'd need is an Update Query routine that'll let you check/uncheck which records are to filtered in your Report.


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