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Batch Printer View Style = Fit Page

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Topic: Batch Printer View Style = Fit Page
Posted By: NOsher
Subject: Batch Printer View Style = Fit Page
Date Posted: 04 Feb 11 at 4:22PM
I would like to set the View Style to "Fit Page" when using a Batch Printer.  There doesn't seem to be a field for that under settings.  Fit Page does work if you are creating single page PDFs or merging multiple pages into one file.  The Batch Printer seems to ignore this.
Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 04 Feb 11 at 4:52PM

   You are right, that option is missing (I guess I must have gotten lazy, or I added this option to the main program, and not the batch printer).

   As you can tell from the program, I've run out of room in the window. I am needing to do a complete re-write to add more features to batch printer, and allow the user to scroll through them. I was planning to do that as part of the annual update, but I have a customer asking for a couple other things, so I'll combine your needs with his, and do that portion of the re-coding now.

   This effort is moderate, so I suspect it will be a couple of weeks before I have anything to publish. It'll be released as v2.5.3

   That's the best I can offer for now.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: NOsher
Date Posted: 04 Feb 11 at 5:26PM
I'll take it!  Looking forward to the next release.

Posted By: NOsher
Date Posted: 18 Jul 11 at 11:28AM
I was curious about your expected time frame for releasing v2.5.3.  I'm looking forward to having the option to select "Fit Page" when using a batch printer.  Thanks.

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