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large PDF file from word docx with photos

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Topic: large PDF file from word docx with photos
Posted By: Raymond
Subject: large PDF file from word docx with photos
Date Posted: 30 Nov 09 at 2:40AM
When I print a Word doxc file with photographs, the word file size is approx 1,200 KB but the PDF file increases to about 12 MB. Is there a way of getting around this because these file are dificult to email.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 01 Dec 09 at 1:02AM

   This large increase in size sounds odd on the surface, but can happen if you take a low res picture, and stretch it to make it larger. As a result, a 72 dpi picture because a 15 dpi picture within Word, but when "printed", the picture will be re-sampled to 150 dpi (or more) depending on the settings you have selected in PDF reDirect - thus the larger file size.

   Anyway, in the upper left corner of PDF reDirect, there is a setting called "Picture Quality". Change that to "poor". You will immediately see the "Printer Output" file in the Merge list get re-calculated as the PDF is re-generated with the new setting. Try the other settings (like "Good" or "Very Good" to see the impact on file size.

   Hopefully this setting will address the problem you are describing.

   If not, you have two other alternatives:

   1. Reduce the printer's resolution (dpi) to 300 or even 150, or

   2. Print to a smaller paper size. It will still look the same on the screen, and will also print to paper OK (as long as the user chooses the "Fit to page" print option in the PDF Reader.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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