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Feature requests: Overall Meeting Time

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Topic: Feature requests: Overall Meeting Time
Posted By: Drewster
Subject: Feature requests: Overall Meeting Time
Date Posted: 07 Oct 09 at 2:45PM
I recently facilitated an all-day workshop. Meeting Timer was a HUGE hit! Everyone loved it. A beep with 5 min to go always elicited a whispered chuckle or a glance from the presenter. The bosses loved seeing the Red topic overrun. The conference was online and I had remote folks asking for MT as well. A number of questions and observations were raised; Iíve grouped them by category and am posting a separate forum topic for each category. For your consideration:

1. Can you add the capability of defining multiple topics for a meeting so multiple blue bars are displayed? I would have found that useful in my all-day conference, to see big picture how far behind we are; maybe make that an option because I also like how it shows overrun to current topic. The former would allow full-day view of impact to individual topic overrun

2. Can we label those topics, so mouse-over will show all the topics (or at a minimum the topic under the mouse)? A few times in my all-day event I had questions about a topic later in the day; it would have been useful to mouse-over to show for what time that topic was planned.

3. Can you add the capability to enter a baseline/planned agenda--and an option to either display a second bar or replace meeting timer with baseline or overlay meeting timer with baseline--to compare how we're doing against plan?

Great app!! Kind regards.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 08 Oct 09 at 11:29PM
Hi Drew,

   For the multiple topics, I was already thinking like you.Smile

   I was thinking of calling this the "Agenda feature" so that you could see each item, and how long they would last. You will also be able to add a "break" which would show up as a gap in the meeting bar.

   Good idea on the mouseover. I was also hoping to also just showing a permanent label.

   You have made a wonderful suggestion in respect to the "baseline vs actual".

   Thanks for the help!


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: Drewster
Date Posted: 09 Oct 09 at 11:17AM
Glad to hear your thoughts. I'm encouraged and bet you have a better way to implement than what I can imagine now. Like the name, "Agenda feature". Permanent label idea is good; can you add that as an option in case someone might find it looks "cluttered" and would prefer the mouse-over?

Thank you so much! Best regards.

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