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Feature requests: Application

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Topic: Feature requests: Application
Posted By: Drewster
Subject: Feature requests: Application
Date Posted: 07 Oct 09 at 1:43PM
I recently facilitated an all-day workshop. Meeting Timer was a HUGE hit! Everyone loved it. A beep with 5 min to go always elicited a whispered chuckle or a glance from the presenter. The bosses loved seeing the Red topic overrun. The conference was online and I had remote folks asking for MT as well. A number of questions and observations were raised; Iíve grouped them by category and am posting a separate forum topic for each category. For your consideration:

1. Can you add the ability to vertically resize the different areas: cost, time, meeting timer, topic timer?

2. Can you add an option to reposition to bottom of either meeting timer or topic timer?

3. Can you add the ability to edit the formats (fonts & colors) of: cost box, meeting timer, meeting timer's topic bar, topic timer, break timer

4. Can you add the ability to edit the Warning and Finished notifications for timer warning and timer finished? Edit text (change the words) and font (name, color, size).

5. Can you add another notification option, a bubble callout that optionally blinks with editable text?

6. Left- and right-click both bring up menu. I like right-click for bringing up the full menu. Can we redefine left click?
     * Left-click in topic timer area to bring up custom duration dialog box
     * Left-click in meeting timer area to show just the relevant menu items for that control?

Great app!! Kind regards.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 08 Oct 09 at 11:21PM
Hello Drew,

   You bring up some excellent points: thank you. I have added them all to my "to do" list. Yes, everything you've brought up is quite feasible except for one item: the font size is currently adjusted automatically to fill the available room. If you set it manually, you may have difficulty in resizing the window, and may lose the ability to see the text if there is not enough room.

   I also think that as I add those features, I will be able to migrate a few of the existing features to the Free version, but I will also raise the price of the Pro version to $9.99.

   Existing customers will be able to upgrade for free.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

Posted By: Drewster
Date Posted: 09 Oct 09 at 11:09AM
Hi Michel, thank you. I think it's really laudable you so plainly lay out the roadmap and migration path. Appreciate the candor and foremention.

Best regards!

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