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Announcing Meeting Timer

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Printed Date: 13 Jun 24 at 12:57PM

Topic: Announcing Meeting Timer
Posted By: Michel_K17
Subject: Announcing Meeting Timer
Date Posted: 26 Jun 09 at 12:57AM
Hi Everyone,

   Anyone who has been stuck in meetings that run long will appreciate this new tool called "Meeting Timer" which will come in two flavors: Freeware and Pro.

   The Freeware version is a simple, non-obtrusive, resizable timer which sits in the side of the screen, stays on top of all windows including Powerpoint, and allows you to give each speaker or topic a set amount of time. -

   The Pro version adds all the bells and whistles, will come with a 90 day free trial, and will cost only - $2 to purchase . The additional features will be:
  • Clock (AM/PM or 24hr Military)
  • Meeting Timer (so you can see the overall timer remaining)
  • Cost Timer (how much does the meeting cost?)
  • Break Timer (so that the attendees know when to return)
  • Count-up Timer (for example to time yourself when practicing to give a speech)
  • Topic Timer with optional visual and audible warnings (some subtle, and some not-so-subtle)
  • Transparency so that you can see the Powerpoint slides underneath if they contain text in the margins
  • 3D look for a more professional appearance
   Meeting Timer (either version) is fully resizable. You can have it sit on the side to take as little room as possible, or if you have a conference room with multiple displays or projectors, you can display it in full size in two columns.

   Meeting Timer is also perfect for other uses such as using it to manage exams in the classroom so that students can see how much time they have left. Other people use the timer to manage their personal time at the computer: for example, as a reminder to take a break every 30 or 60 minutes.

   Meeting Timer will be released on 12 July 2009. In the mean time, you can download a beta version the full versions are now here:
  • - Meeting Timer Freeware Installer
  • - Meeting Timer Pro Installer
  • - Meeting Timer (just the program)

   Note: This beta does not come with an installer. Simply save the program to your hard drive or your desktop and run the program "as is". It is likely that Windows or your anti-virus software will give you a warning (are you sure? etc.), particularly since I have not digitally signed this beta version. However, I have done a virus check of the file by NOD32, and it reported that the file is clean. These are the final versions. They are digitally signed and checked for viruses to make sure that they are clean.


Michel Korwin-Szymanowski
EXP Systems LLC

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