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Launching reDirect inside another app

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Topic: Launching reDirect inside another app
Posted By: Willem
Subject: Launching reDirect inside another app
Date Posted: 26 May 06 at 7:55AM

New user here, busy evaluating Pro.

I need to stamp scanned invoices with user information. The info exists in a SQL database. I then use a workflow application to route the (pdf) invoice to numerous people for authorisation. Once approved by all, I want to STAMP the invoice with the approver's information, date, etc.

How can I launch the application from inside another .NET application, using vb, and pass it the necessary parameters? Is it possible?


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 26 May 06 at 10:19PM
Hi there,

   Thank you for considering PDF reDirect Pro.

   Opening the entire PDF reDirect Pro Application to simply apply the stamp might be overkill. It would be much easier to access the PDF library that I use directly to apply the stamp.

   I will think about it, and provide you with a VB solution that should do what you want to do. Have you pre-reserved some space on the document to apply the stamp? (ie so that the stamp does not cover important text on the document).



Posted By: Willem
Date Posted: 29 May 06 at 2:11AM

HI Michel

The scanned documents are from various different sources - typically all our suppliers - so they do not all look the same. Therefore not possible to reserve space. I would think the bottom left corner or so would do!

If I do not have to launch the app, and can access the library behind the scenes, so much better. The .NET workflow app I use allows for the running of VB, so am hoping to solve the problem. The typical use:

Our Finance section receives invoices for payment (typically by mail). These requests for payment need to be authorised. The finance guys would scan the invoice, add relevant info (e.g. order no, value, vendor, etc) to a workflow process, and the workflow app will route the digital copy to the appropriate person for authorisation.

Once digitally authorised, the name and date of the person authorising the payment must be added to the scanned pdf copy of the invoice, before it is routed back to the finace dept for payment.

Hope this makes sense!

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 30 May 06 at 8:33AM
Yes, it makes sense. I am back at work, so I'll take a look at it today.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 30 May 06 at 10:37PM
Hi Willem,

   OK. I got it distilled to just the code you need to have to apply the text onto the first page of the PDF. I have zipped the sample code as well as a sample PDF file so that you can see what the output looks like. You can download the zip file from [ - here ].



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