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Problem when using XP Visual Styles

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Topic: Problem when using XP Visual Styles
Posted By: xanadu1979
Subject: Problem when using XP Visual Styles
Date Posted: 19 Apr 06 at 3:11PM
Hi, I've tried with two different Visual Styles and this problem occurs with both. It doesn't occur when using the standard styles that come with XP. As you can see, the check boxes have a black background and you can't see what they say. I know, it's pretty minor, but it bugs me.

Thanks for the great product.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 19 Apr 06 at 4:46PM

   This visual is very pretty. Where did you get it?

   I noticed the same on Windows Vista too, so I will need to fix this. Let me know which Visual you are using so that I can duplicate the problem.



Posted By: xanadu1979
Date Posted: 19 Apr 06 at 4:47PM
It's called Luna Element 5. -

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 20 Apr 06 at 1:16AM
Thanks. Very pretty indeed.

So, first, I was able to duplicate the problem, and, I may have found three ways of fixing the problem, none of them easy, and all three come at some cost (either lots of coding, an increase in the amount of resources needed by the program, or by using 3rd party controls (= a larger download).

   Anyway, I am evaluating my options. Basically, I will not be able to do an "overnight" fix. This will require more time, but hopefully, in a few weeks, maybe sooner if I find an easier fix.

   Thanks for letting me know though. By the way, it sounds like the problem has been fixed on Windows Vista, so this problem seems to be affecting only the Luna Element 5 users.



Posted By: xanadu1979
Date Posted: 20 Apr 06 at 12:13PM
That's cool. I'm a programmer too, so I understand. It also happens with another visual style I use, but I can't remember which one now, I'll post it here if I find it again. Regardless, it's a pretty small problem and doesn't keep me from using the product.

Posted By: xanadu1979
Date Posted: 20 Apr 06 at 12:17PM
I found it, a style called XPMC does it too. -

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