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Topic: Excel To PDF
Posted By: DiscoPymp
Subject: Excel To PDF
Date Posted: 18 Apr 06 at 4:39PM

I use PDF Redirect Pro for a billing program in Exel and use VBA to convert the Excel sheets into PDF and FTP them to our website.  I added some "Word Art" with 75% transparency to the Excel sheet and it looks all good.  It converts to PDF just fine, but when you go to manually print the PDF the Word Art doesnt completely print or doesnt print at all.  The Word Art show up visually on the PDF just clear as day.  Is there any kind of fix for this or has anyone else ran into this problem?


Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 19 Apr 06 at 1:49AM
Hi there,

   Whoops! I'm not too surprised, because even though the newer PDF specification does support transparencies, the Postscript language (the output from the virtual printer before conversion to PDF) does not support transparencies.

   The program will try to "simulate" the transparency by converting your object to a bitmap and putting "holes" in the bitmap to partly show the stuff behind. Note that this method may significantly increase the size of your PDF.

   To answer your question: there is no solution (apart from manually editing the PDF), and I would recommend that you turn off the transparency. An alternative is to use a solid text border, but with a transparent tect body, OR to place the Word Art behind the material, with no transparency, but you could select a lighter color. Those are less-than-ideal work arounds that might give a similar result to what you are looking for.



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