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Business Licence

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Printed Date: 19 May 24 at 3:30PM

Topic: Business Licence
Posted By: Niel1952
Subject: Business Licence
Date Posted: 11 Jan 06 at 6:02AM


I am a bit confused about your business licence provisions.  In your EULA it suggests that in order to use PDF reDirect v2 or PDF reDirect Professional v2 in a business one has to pay for a licence while at -  it suggests that the licence for PDF reDirect v2 is free.

Can you please clarify.



Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 12 Jan 06 at 12:03AM
Hello Niel,

   I hae good news for you: since the introduction of PDF reDirect v2.1 in December 2005, PDF reDirect became completely "freeware". Are you perhaps looking at the EULA for v2.0?

   To be sure, I double-checked the EULA for v2.1 in the program and it seems correct. It states that:

GRANT OF LICENSE - PDF REDIRECT FREEWARE - PERSONAL or BUSINESS/CORPORATE USE. (Freeware) This License Agreement ("License") permits you to use unregistered copies of PDF reDirect Freeware ("SOFTWARE") on any number of computers, provided the computers are your legal property.

   I hope this clears it up.

Posted By: Niel1952
Date Posted: 16 Jan 06 at 9:54AM

Thank you.  You are right, I first downloaded from the link for version 2.0.18.  I think my eye was attracted to the reference to "Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP" and I just assumed that was what I had to click to download for Windows XP.

I am currenly in discussion with our IT department about whether the majority of people in our office should use your non-pro version as it does most of what they need but it does occur to me that it would eb helpful if you had a "donate" button which people could use if they like your free package.

One feature that is available at considerable cost in Adobe Acrobat which, if incorporated into your pro version, would make that version highly desireable to my colleagues is the ability to insert page numbers.  This does not necessarily have to be in the complicated way that Acrobat does in headers and footers but the ability to place the page number on various places on the page and in different typefaces would be good.

Thanks again for this product.

Posted By: Michel_K17
Date Posted: 16 Jan 06 at 10:44PM
Hi Niel,

   Good news: you can add page numbers using PDF reDirect Pro. Click on "Preferences", then click on the "Stamps" button. There, you can choose a text only stamp with custom Font, Size, Location on the page and Text including page numbers.

   I think there is already a page numbering stamp called "Page Number Footer", but if there is not, click on the "Add Text" button, then for the text, choose "Page <#> of <###>" from the dropdown, or you can specify your own text.

   I will add the "Donate" button as you suggested: it's a good idea for those who want to contribute a little without paying the full $20.



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